Monday, 15 May 2017

My Birthday Plan!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to talk about my birthday plans… Exciting!
  So I’ve finally picked the days I’m having off which it starts with the 26th May which I think I’m off into town with Luke to have a little walk round and some shopping as it’s payday! That weekend will probably be spent chilling out which will be needed. It’s then bank holiday on the 29th so that’s another day off to get little jobs done but I’ve also taken the 30th May off but have no idea what will be planned for that. I’m then back in work for a couple of days so I will be getting all my work up to date and figures done for the monthly meeting so that will be a busy few days.

  On the Friday of that week I’ll probably take some bits and bobs into work before finishing for a week. My birthday is the Saturday which I have no idea what’s planned yet I’ve kind of left it to the last minute this year even though it’s my big 21st birthday! The week from the 5th – 9th June I’m off which my mum is off at the same time which is nice so we will probably plan something so I’m excited! It’s all that week when I need my MOT renewing on my car, my car insurance needs renewing and breakdown cover etc so passing my driving test a day before my birthday was kind of a bad idea as it now means every year when my birthday comes round my money is used on more ‘Adult’ things but that’s life right? I’ve decided what I’m going to treat myself to and I think these may something I will collect but I’ve seen a Vivienne Westwood bag which I think I may treat myself to and I already have two in my collection so I can see me becoming more and more obsessed. Also I’m still very tempted to treat myself to the Louis Vuitton key holder so we will see what birthday money I actually get and also see what else I treat myself to cause that’s what birthdays are for!

  I'm thinking I may do a 'What I Got For My Birthday' kind of post or what I buy with my birthday money so watch out for that after my birthday as I want to make my blog a bit more personal.

  Just a short one this week but I’m so excited for my Birthday so this was definitely needed!
Have a lovely week!

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