Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My Current Favourite Scent

Hello Everyone!
  So for this week’s post I’ve decided to do a little post on one of my new favourite candles as I’ve really been loving this recently and wanted to share my thoughts.
  I picked up this candle from B&M which everyone raved about the winter candles which they were so lovely but every time I had a walk round B&M now I’m always drawn to their candles and if they have any new scents which on this occasion they had one in the scent ‘Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut’ which I just want to say I’m really not a fan of cinnamon scented things but this wasn’t too over the top. So the scent is quite sweet when I smelt it in the shop making me wanting to pick it up straight away but the candle reminded me of something each time I smelt it which was so annoying as I just couldn’t recall what it was… A few hours later and I remember what it was, the scent of this candle reminds me of the doughnuts you get on the sea front when you’re on holiday. I think that’s the sugared part of the scent but as I said the cinnamon isn’t too over the top as I find cinnamon scents too strong resulting in me feeling sick but this scent is the perfect amount of cinnamon as it adds a nice cosy aroma in the room but the sweetness of the sugar is the more dominant scent which I love.

  Onto the packaging, B&M candles are quite lovely in my opinion which this one has a copper top which makes the candle look a lot more expensive than it actually is, the candle retails at £3.99 which is amazing value for such a lovely looking candle but also the scents are very strong for the price. The candles from B&M are definitely dupes for the Bath & Body Works ones presentation wise but if anything that’s what makes me buy them as I don’t burn candles too much so I don’t want to pay over the odds for a Bath & Body Works candle from Ebay etc, I love the labels on these candles too as I feel they add a nice touch but definitely look like the Bath & Body Works labels. I always prefer glass candles which have a coloured wax as I just like how they look which this one is a lovely brown candle which compliments the copper dinted top which I actually didn’t take a picture of – Shame! But it’s a lovely finish to the candle.

  So overall, B&M candles are by far the best inexpensive candles as they look expensive as the packaging is so lovely on all of the candles. The scents are always so strong and definitely stay in the air for a while which is why I love Yankee Candle ones. I don’t mind paying £3.99 for a candle as even if I don’t burn it for a while it still looks lovely on my shelf etc, I really do recommend these candles for people who love burning candles but don’t want to pay over the odds. I feel as though I will definitely try a Bath & Body Works candle but if anything I will stick with the B&M ones as they are just so inexpensive and they have such a range of scents for everyone to pick from.
Have you tried the B&M Candles?

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