Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Small Book Haul

  Hello Everyone!
  So it’s that time of the week where I post pretty much anything I fancy which this week I’m going to be posting a small book haul of the books I picked up in my local Asda and charity shop.
  My photography is slowly getting better and I’m quite happy with these pictures and the pictures I have taken recently, So as I said I picked these books up in Asda and my local charity shop which I went with my mum and saw the book and I have always wanted to read it since I was a kid so I decided to pick it up as it wasn’t too expensive at all.
  The first book I picked up was from Asda which I don’t actually go to my local Asda that much but when I do I always go to the book section as they have such a good range of books. I picked up Windfall by Jennifer E.Smith which I have to admit I was drawn to this book because of the cover as it just stood out to me on the shelf but the story sounds so good. It’s basically about a girl called Alice who buys her best friend a lottery ticket for his birthday which he ends up winning the jackpot and the story unfolds from there, I am currently reading this and I’m loving it so far and the characters are just so relatable I can’t wait to find out what happens.
  The next book I picked up was Our Chemical hearts by Krystal Sutherland which again this one is from Asda too but the cover was just too beautiful to not pick it up. The Kio fish are one of my favourite fish so when I saw this cover I needed to have this book in my collection. The story is a bittersweet, funny, sad story of friendship, first love and heartache and once I had read that I knew I needed to pick this up (I haven’t looked into this book as I do want to go into it blind!) but if the cover is anything to go by I really can’t wait to pick this one up.
  The final book I picked up was from the charity shop and only cost me £1 so I knew I had to pick it up as I had always wanted to read these when I was younger but never got round to it as back then I wasn’t interested in reading but the book is Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy I think when I was younger the covers just attracted me but I actually can’t wait to read this. I know it’s for more of the younger audience but I will actually read this. It’s mainly about a girl called Chery who ends up moving to Somerset with her dad where her new mum and sisters await. Cherry then meets a boy called Shay but one of her sisters is actually dating him but they become close friends. I know this is going to be quite a quick easy read with it been for the younger audience but I know I will probably enjoy it either way.
Have you bought any books recently?

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