Sunday, 28 May 2017

Weekly Summary #98

(Weekly Summary 22/05-28/05)

  Monday – I woke up at half six and desperately wished it was the weekend again although this week is a 4 day weekend! I got up and made myself a cup of tea before I headed back upstairs and made the bed before starting to get ready whilst chatting to Luke. Luke headed to work so I finished getting ready but if anything my make-up and hair just wouldn’t go right. I got my stuff together and headed to work which the traffic was quite light today which was a surprise so I got to work a little earlier than expected but I got on with my work which is always a good start. Work was kind of quiet I just got everything done but I didn’t feel too great all day so I kind of just got on with everything to keep my mind off it. The drive home was okay but I was so ready to go home, once I was home I did the lunch for work and ironed my clothes before I cleansed my face and got into comfy clothes. I spent the evening catching up on YouTube and reading my book. Once Luke was home we just spent the evening watching TV.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six and headed down to make myself a cup of tea before I came back upstairs to make the bed whilst Luke was getting ready. I started getting ready myself which I was ready quite quick today although my make-up hasn’t been looking the best this week for some reason. Once Luke headed to work I finished doing my hair which I decided to tie it up with it been warm weather. Work was quite busy from 8 when I first got there until half 4 when I finished – Such a busy day but the weather kept me going. The drive home was actually quite lovely which was nice. Once I was home I did the lunch for work before heading upstairs to get a quick shower. I dried and straightened my hair before I headed back downstairs and just caught up on YouTube. My mum and dad got back so we had tea before I read my book for a little while. Once Luke was home he had tea before we just spent the evening watching TV but Luke didn’t seem himself as I think he’s coming down with something so we went to sleep.

  Wednesday – I woke up at half five needing the toilet which Luke was also awake so we just both got ready and I made the bed before we just sat chatting. Luke headed to work and I finished getting ready before I also headed to work. The drive to work was fine today so I got there a little earlier than normal so I just caught up with everything before heading inside. It was a strange day at work as I wanted to get as much done with me finishing for a few days but the heat was just so bad I felt drained. Luke actually ended up going home as he came down ill at work which I expected. The drive home was quite busy but I got home around normal time. Once I was home everyone was in the back garden so I sat outside for five minutes before I went in and did my lunch for work. I fed Rocky before I had my tea in the back garden. I caught up on some YouTube videos before I pottered around for a while as I didn’t know what to do with myself tonight. Once Luke was home from seeing his mum he had tea before walking to the shop. We both must have been knackered as we fell asleep.

Thursday – I woke up at half five again so I just laid there with Luke before we both got up and started getting ready. It was far too warm this morning so I didn’t want a cup of tea this morning. I was ready quite early again which was good so I paid a few bills with it been payday. The drive to work was horrendous this morning which I think I just woke up feeling anxious anyways but I was driving to work and everything was fine until an ambulance came behind me so I moved the best I could and the ambulance was still behind me so I had to move into a different lane which just made me panic so when I got to work I needed to take 5 minutes out otherwise I think I would have had a mini meltdown. Work wasn’t too bad today I just got all my work done to get in front before I headed home. We went for a family meal for tea which was lovely as we sat outside. Once I was home I got a shower and sorted my clothes for tomorrow before Luke was home. Luke had his tea before we watched Celebrity Juice and enjoyed our evening.

  Friday - I woke up at half eight with Luke which we both didn't have work today so we just relaxed in bed before Luke headed to the shop which I just sat in the front garden enjoying the sun until he came back which he actually bought me a breakfast sandwich so I enjoyed that before we both got ready and headed into town which we decided to walk as the weather was lovely. Once we were in town we got all the shopping done and had a walk round before heading to Luke's mums which we spent a few hours there before we headed home. We decided to have tea before popping all our stuff away and both of us decided to get changed as we actually caught a lot of sun before heading back to Luke's mums which we got something to eat from the fish shop. Later on once we were home I think we were both shattered so we headed straight to sleep.

  Saturday- I woke up at eight and started getting ready as I had a nail appointment for half 9 so me and my Mum headed to xgates where our nail shop is which I decided to get nude with glitter on the ring fingers which I love them. The shop was packed so we were in there for quite a while before heading shopping which I picked up a few bits and bobs before we headed to the bath bomb shop which I just picked a few up before heading to the hairdressers which I'm not too sure if I like my hair or not but I will get used to it. We headed home and me and Luke decided to head to his mums which we spent a while there before going to Tesco which we decided to get a curry for our tea and we picked up a few bits and bobs. Once we got back we had our tea and spent the rest of the evening building Lego and watching TV.

Sunday - I woke up at half eight and just laid there for a while with Luke before I got up and put some washing in and made myself some breakfast. We spent the morning cleaning the bedroom and just sorting things out before Luke headed to the shop so I just tidied downstairs with my Mum working. Once Luke was back he decided to get ready and head to his mum's which I wanted to finish the bedroom anyways. After I was done I took a walk to Tesco with my dad and Aiden to pass a bit of time on which was nice. Once we were back I renewed my car insurance and got a quick shower. I changed my bag and did my hair before catching up on blog stuff and YouTube. We decided to go swimming which was a change and then headed home for tea. I caught up on YouTube for a bit longer before Luke was home which he had his tea before we spent the evening watching a film.
How was your week?

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