Friday, 23 June 2017

21st Birthday Treat

Hello Everyone!
  So for today’s post I thought I would show you what I treated myself to for my 21st Birthday which I feel as though my birthday went a little too quick.
  My 21st Birthday went by so quick and I’m honestly so grateful for everything that I received which I mainly got money which was fine by me but I decided to treat myself to something which could be more of a keepsake which if you know me you will know I love bags and I always have since I’ve been a kid so I thought that’s what I would treat myself to and I got something a little different.

  I wanted to get a bag which would be different to what I have in my collection so far and red was the perfect colour, I decided on Vivienne Westwood as it’s a brand I’ve researched ever since I did Fashion in my GCSE’s when I wanted to carry on with Fashion (Still kind of do…) This was one of the more recent designs but I love it so much, It’s only a small bag but again it’s different to what I have or what I would normally pick up so I will always remember where and why I bought this bag.

The bag is just absolutely stunning and I felt so special when I used this for my birthday meal and stuff which was lovely! I’m just in love with the bag which I know I can’t use it on a daily basis because of the colour and the size of the bag so it wouldn’t be suitable for work but I know I will use it on special occasions and weekends so I’m fine with that. I just thought it would  be nice to show what I treated myself to for my birthday which I did say I will do a ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ but if anything I mainly got money so I thought it would be a pointless post really but if you would like a post please do let me know and I can definitely do one!
What did you treat yourself to for your 21st?

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