Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Booksac - Review

Hello Everyone!
  So for this week’s post I thought I would share my opinion on a recent purchase of mine which for book lovers you’ll definitely love this.
  I saw the Booksac’s on Instagram and was hooked I just loved the thought of having something to protect my book whilst it was in my bag and these are just a perfect idea in my opinion. The Booksac’s do sell out very quick but I saw on Instagram they were having a restock so I decided to go on their Etsy shop at the time they said and see if I could purchase one which by luck I did! There were so many to pick from but I decided to go for the one which suited me best which was definitely this pattern but they do a lot of styles which are related to certain books or book series which is a lovely idea too – So I picked the pattern which is trees but I just loved the colours with the white background so it was perfect for me. The Booksac’s are a padded pouch which you just pop your book in and it protects it whilst it’s in your bag etc which for me is perfect as I do sometimes take books to work with me or I carry them in my bag and I hate when the corners of books turn up and things like that so this was perfect for me. I do kind of wish I picked a different pattern but I can always buy another one when they restock up if I really want to.
  So as I said I picked this up from their Etsy shop which they are from Australia so of course shipping did take quite a while but I expected that so there was no disappointment when it didn’t arrive as soon as I ordered it. I use paperback books which fit perfectly in the Booksac but as for hardback books I’m not 100%. The Booksac’s are made so well though and I was so surprised at the stitching etc and I’m sure the Booksac’s are done by a husband and wife but it’s such an amazing idea. I will leave links of the Instagram account down below so you can of course check them out if you are interested in one as I was just so surprised to see something like that which is why I bought one.

Instagram Account - @booksac

So overall as you can probably tell I love the Booksac and will definitely purchase another one if I want another pattern or if mine breaks but I don’t think it will. As I said they had so many patterns so there is definitely one for everyone but I just know now that my books are protected when they are in my bag etc so I’m glad I bought one when I did.
Have you seen Booksac’s?

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