Friday, 16 June 2017

New Ebay Purchases

Hello Everyone!
So I'm here today to show you my recent purchases from Ebay and I thought I would share what I think of them.
  So I recently saw a YouTuber who I watch talking about some Ebay palette's which she picked up to review on that certain video and they were amazing! So I decided to pick them up and see what I thought about them which these were £3.99 each which is so inexpensive which the packaging isn't the best and would of been much better with a mirror but you can't complain too much because of the price. So these are all matte shades which I'm more of a shimmer person but I wanted to give these a try which I picked up the Warm palette which is the one on the left and Autumn is the one on the right which the warm palette seems more for me as it's more brown and green shades but the Autumn palette was the one which I watched a review on YouTube about and he shades were incredible. I have tried the palette's once and most of shades were pigmented which is so good for the price but I'm thinking of starting a new kind of ongoing thing on my blog to review make-up or things from Ebay as I find a lot of good inexpensive products on Ebay and would definitely like to share them.
Have you tried these palette's?

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