Monday, 26 June 2017

Payday Finally Comes Round!

  Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to have my little chat so let’s get into it.
  Payday came around at the end of last week and I was desperately needing it as of course I had my birthday money etc but I wanted to try get back in front with my money so I kept a figure in my mind and stick to it (I actually did it!) but I was ready to treat myself… Kind of expected as I’m sure I have a desperate shopping problem but oh well! I had decided I wanted to start using backpacks as my work bag or week bag shall we say as it would just be so much more practical so I had seen quite a nice one on Ebay by the brand LYDC and I knew I had to pick it up… Another bag to add to my ever growing collection. I had wanted to pick up a new purse too but right now I haven’t seen one I really like so still on the hunt for that. I did say this month I wanted to pick up the earring maker set as I’m wanting to get back into making earrings so I’m picking that up and just need to find beads etc. Depop is a place I stop on most of the time and I’ve found a few bits and bobs which will be perfect for work so they may be bought also (I can’t help myself honestly!) This is going to be the first month where I will have extra money with my car insurance been a lot cheaper but I am going to put money away into my savings etc so in a way I’m just treating myself for being good!

  There’s nothing I desperately need apart from my Estee Lauder foundation as I’m at the last few drops so I will need to buy that this month but apart from that it’s just whatever I see and whatever takes my fancy really I love months where I don’t physically need to buy much as I can then just enjoy buying what I want to which is definitely a luxury by all means and I’m grateful I can do that. I restarted my YouTube again in the last two weeks or so which is a nice feeling but I’ve started to feel stressed again as I’m trying to get so much done and keep on top of so much, Working full time and then having a blog and YouTube it’s a lot to take on but most weeks I’m happy to take on the challenge. As for last week I wasn’t up for it as I had a water infection which as I’m typing this I still have it… Perfect not! I haven’t had a water infection for so long and I’m hating it right now so hopefully I start to feel better soon but for now I’m definitely feeling sorry for myself.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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