Sunday, 18 June 2017

Weekly Summary #101

(Weekly Summary 12/06-18/06)

  Monday – I woke up at half six and felt shattered with it been the first day back at work but I got up with Luke and made the bed before getting ready with a cup of tea. Once Luke had headed to work I finished getting ready before I headed down to get everything ready and then I also headed to work. Traffic wasn’t horrendous this morning but I got all parked up and caught up on social media before heading into work. Work was so hectic today I didn’t realise how much I would need to catch up on so I spent most of the day catching up before making drinks for a meeting in the afternoon. I left work with 200 e-mails in my inbox ready for tomorrow. Once I got home I did the packing for work before I sorted my clothes ready for tomorrow. I decided to spend the evening just watching YouTube videos and scheduling my day for tomorrow with my new planner. Once Luke was home we took a walk to the shop before we spent the rest of the evening watching TV.

  Tuesday- I woke up at half six but had been awake most of the night with acid so I was shattered but I got up and made the bed before starting to get ready and chatting to Luke. Once Luke headed to work I finished getting ready before I headed to work. Traffic wasn’t too bad again but once I got to work I just listened to music for a bit before I headed in. Work wasn’t as hectic today but I was still catching up and trying to get everything back up to date… Nearly there! Once work was over I headed home which I opened a few parcels and did the lunches for work before heading upstairs for a shower. I dried and straightened my hair before I had my tea and scheduled tomorrow in my planner. I caught up on a few YouTube videos before Luke was home which he just had his tea before we got into bed and watched TV.

  Wednesday- I woke up at six to Luke getting up as he couldn’t sleep so I got up and made the bed before we both started getting ready. I was ready so early today which was good but I was so shattered from getting up earlier. Once Luke headed to work I finished getting ready and put my filming lights up as I wanted to film a YouTube video tonight after work. I headed to work which traffic was empty today which was a surprise but once I got to work I just headed straight in. Work was so hectic again as I just can’t seem to get back in front but slowly getting there. Once I was home I filmed a YouTube video before I did the packing and clothes for work. I had my tea and scheduled tomorrow in my planner before Luke came home. We walked to the shop again to get some air and pass some time on before we got back and played Sims for the evening.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and got up to make myself a cup of tea before heading back upstairs to make the bed and start getting ready. The traffic wasn’t too bad again today so I got there and parked up before I headed into the office. Work wasn’t too bad I got everything up to date but felt a little stressed as I left as I hadn’t finished what I needed to and I hate leaving things undone. I got home and did packing for work before picking my clothes for work and having tea. I had a shower before drying and straightening my hair which I then changed my bag. I bathed Rocky and fed him before Luke got home. We spent the evening building Lego which took us so long so once we had finished we just got into bed and fell asleep.

  Friday- I woke up at half six and felt shattered but it was Friday so I was in a good mood. Luke was starting his new job today so I think he felt a little nervous. I made the bed and got ready before Luke headed to work. I made myself a cup of tea whilst I did my hair and stuff. The traffic was horrendous today for a Friday but I got to work and headed straight in as I had a lot of stuff to get done this morning. I got all my work up to date so left work feeling refreshed which was such a nice feeling after a busy week. Once I got home I got into some comfy clothes and cleansed my face before I did some blog bits and uploaded a YouTube video. I caught up on YouTube before I changed my bag again to a smaller bag for the weekend. Once Luke was home we walked to the shop and once we got back we had something to eat before spending the night watching TV.

  Saturday - I woke up at half six with really bad acid so I just sat up for a while before I laid back down and fell back asleep which I woke up once Luke had gone to the toilet which was around nine. I sat in bed for a while before I made myself some breakfast whilst Luke was in the shower. I made the bed before just sitting and chatting to Luke for a while. Luke headed to his mum's so I tidied the bedroom before getting ready and heading to Tesco with my Mum which I picked up a bag, new top and some slippers before we walked home. I needed the bank so me and my Mum decided to take a walk down which on the way back I got really warm and faint which I ended up being sick outside the house so my Nan and Mum helped me in and I had some toast. Once I had come back round I went and got changed into some pj's and changed my bag before getting my laptop and finishing some blog stuff. Once Luke was home we ordered a takeaway before we spent the evening watching TV.

  Sunday - I woke up at half nine which I spent the morning in bed watching YouTube before I had breakfast. I cleaned the bedroom again before I did some blog photo's. I gave my Dad his present for Father's Day before doing my lunch for work and ironing my clothes. I sorted my bag out before cleaning my make-up brushes and ran my bath. I decided to spend today just catching up on bits and bobs which I needed to before getting my book to read. Once Luke was home he had his dinner before we took a walk to the shop. We spent the evening just watching TV.
How was your week?

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