Sunday, 4 June 2017

Weekly Summary #99

(Weekly Summary 29/05-04/06)
  Monday – I woke up at half past eight which I just laid in bed relaxing with it been bank holiday. Me and Luke decided today was just going to be a relaxing day for us so we spent the morning just watching TV before Luke got ready to head to his mums which I said I would drop him off but decided to actually go with him which I went with no make-up or anything like that – That’s not normal for me! So we spent the day at Luke’s mums which it was actually a really nice day listening to music and catching up with everyone. Once we got home we spent the evening just watching TV which was a nice way to end the bank holiday.

  Tuesday – I woke up at seven and started getting ready as my car had it’s MOT today so I had to get it to the garage once it opened. Me and Luke drove up to the garage and I dropped my car off before we walked to Tesco which we had breakfast before picking up a few bits and bobs from Tesco. We walked home and spent some time with my Nan before we headed to Luke’s mums which I had no car so we got a taxi there and spent an hour or so there before I got a phonecall to say my car was ready so we walked home which I helped my Mum take her car to my Grandad’s as her clutch has gone on her car and then we walked up to get mine. We headed to Argos for a few bits and came home. I ran myself a lovely bath to relax in before I dried and straightened my hair and changed my bag. I had my tea before catching up on YouTube videos. Luke was out seeing his step sister so once he got back we spent the night catching up on BGT and Family Guy.

  Wednesday – I woke up at half six and was dreading getting up but it wasn’t that bad which I got ready and made the bed before I headed to work. The traffic was quite light today but they fixed something on my brakes with my MOT and they were definitely a lot sharper this morning. Work wasn’t as hectic as I expected but by the end of the day I was up to date with all my work and I had got the figures done for the board report which means I’m in front. Once I got home from work I did my lunch for work tomorrow and ironed my clothes before I headed to Tesco to pick up a few bits since my Mum doesn’t have her car and I got some petrol for my car and we headed home. I decided tonight I was going to catch up on some reading and once Luke was home we just spent the night watching TV which was lovely.

  Thursday- I woke up at half six and made myself a cup of tea before I got ready and made the bed. Once I was all ready I headed to work which again traffic wasn't bad at all which meant I got there a lot earlier than I expected so I just sat in the car listening to music. Work was so hectic today as I seemed to have a to-do list longer than my arm and it kept getting longer and longer so by the end of the day I was so ready for home. Once I was home I had tea before I had a nice shower and got everything ready for work tomorrow. Once Luke was home we just spent the evening watching TV and making lego which was nice.

  Friday - I woke up at half six and was in such a good mood for some reason so I got up and made the bed before I started getting ready. I sat and chatted to my Nan for a bit before I headed to work which traffic was empty today but once I got to work I just carried the birthday buns up to the office. My desk was full of banners and confetti which was such a lovely surprise. I spent the day just catching up on everything ready for my week off. Around 10am everyone came up to my part of the office to sing happy birthday which I was then given a present which was a Tiffany necklace which was so lovely and I was so overwhelmed and grateful. After work once I was home I had a quick shower before spending my evening just doing what I fancied which I decided on Sims and reading which was perfect for me! Once Luke was home we spent the evening watching a film.

  Saturday- I woke up around half eight which I just laid in bed with Luke before getting up which the floor from my bedroom to the living room was covered in confetti with it been my 21st birthday! The living room was covered in balloons and banners which put me in such a good mood. I opened all my cards and presents before heading upstairs to get changed. We walked to the local shopping centre to have a walk round which the weather was so lovely so it was such a lovely walk. I picked up a few bits and bobs before we walked home. I spent the afternoon sorting my new organiser out before starting to get ready for the family meal which was lovely. Once we were home I got into my pj's before sitting in the backgarden for a while before Luke was home. We spent the evening just cuddling and watching TV which was a lovely way to end my birthday!

  Sunday- I woke up at half eight with a banging headache but fell back asleep until around half nine. I got up and made myself some breakfast before giving Rocky a bath and feeding him. I cleaned the bedroom and cleaned the confetti up for my mum before I got ready and headed to Tesco to pick up a few bits and bobs to try out. Me and Luke had something to eat in the car before heading home. Me and Luke made the new Lego pieces which he picked up before I got ready and we headed to his mums for a few hours. My headache had come back even worse so we headed home which we ordered a curry. I got a quick shower before the takeaway came. The curry was lovely which we then spent the rest of the evening making Lego before we got into bed.
How was your week?
(Sorry for the late upload - Pushed for time this week!)

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