Monday, 24 July 2017

3 Years!

Hello Everyone!
So it’s Monday and this one is quite a special little chat for me so I’m excited to get this one done.
Last week on the 20th July 2017 Me and Luke had been together 3 years which to a lot of people that won’t be long but it definitely is to me, A lot has changed in those three years and I couldn’t be more grateful to share it with Luke. I know Luke doesn’t normally read my blog but I guess this is something I can always look back on – I’ve always said my blog is something for me to look back on so this is a post I knew I would be writing no matter if Luke read it or not. So me and Luke got together when I was 18 and Luke was turning 19, three years on and I’m now 21 and Luke will be turning 22 at the end of this year and of course so much has changed in those years. I passed my driving test, had so many interviews which resulted in me getting a new job. Luke faced things like his driving lessons, theory tests, college tests and then getting a new job – We’ve been through a lot together good and bad but I wouldn’t change anything because every single part of those 3 years has made me the person I am today. I could do a list of things I need to say thank you for (to Luke) but I don’t want this post to be too long and soppy you know? I’m a much more confident person and although I haven’t found myself 100% right now I couldn’t have done it without Luke at all. What else has happened in those three years? The amount of times we have changed our “Dress Sense” or “hairstyles” is crazy but we’ve both grown into such amazing people together and as individuals.

I remember the person I was before Luke and the person I am now which I know I’ve grown up but a lot of Luke’s personality has become my own which is one of the most amazing things. I’m not someone who expects a lot when it comes to relationships as I’m happy with cuddles and a takeaway compared to a fancy meal out but I feel as though me and Luke have both found our perfect combination when it comes to our relationship as we’ve grown together to realise what we both like. There’s days when I could probably hate Luke like there’s days where I bet he hates me but we always come back together, we’ve had days where we’ve argued but without a doubt by the evening we are back and have sorted it out which is what I love about us. No matter what comes between us something tells us to keep fighting and I’m not someone to give up easily but I know we can get through anything. Luke is always supportive with anything I do may that be my blog, YouTube or anything else I decide to give a try but he knows I will always be beside him when he wants to try something new. I feel as though I’ve rambled for quite a while but let’s be honest 3 years is a lot time to be with someone and it’s the longest relationship I’ve had so it’s very special to me and I’m so glad everything fell into place 3 years ago and made me feel safe.

(Luke if you ever do decide to read my blog and you actually read this post I hope this shows how much you actually mean to me as I know sometimes I’m crap at showing it!)
I hope you all have a lovely week!

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