Wednesday, 12 July 2017

A New Love Of Mine

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s another week and I’m here to talk about a recent love of mine, I mean it may not be classed as love but more of an addiction I guess.
  Basically I’m addicted to buying the Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers which is kind of bad as let’s be honest they are quite expensive for what they actually are but I still pick them up again and again. First off I tried something a bit more out of my comfort zone when it came too taking this picture so I hope they look as good as they did in my head (Typing this before editing the pictures – Risky!) I mainly buy my hand sanitizers from Depop from a seller called Lingerielovelies which she sells mainly Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret bits and bobs but I do mainly buy from her or I have bought a few from Ebay but it’s cheaper to buy in bulk let’s be honest. I got my glitter holder in the bulk order I picked up from Depop and I love that holder a lot better than my old one which was bright pink – Hated it! So I thought I would share my love for these things as I just find myself wanting to try more and more of the scents but they all smell amazing. I just love how nice your hands smell after using these. I will admit I am quite a clean freak when it comes to hand sanitizer and every time I’ve been to the toilet I have to use this so it’s always in my bag and I do keep one with me at all times but I just can’t help it.

  I was going to share all the scents I have bought recently etc but really I feel as though the post will be so long if I did that but I prefer to pick up the more fruity scents and anything which has coconut in it are always winners for me. I have seen a few scents for men which I may pick one up for Luke but I don’t know if he would use it or not. There’s a few scents I really want to pick up but I feel as though I have far too many at the moment to pick up any more – I may need to wait until my bulk of them has reduced massively. I just feel as though the sizes of the hand sanitises are perfect to pop in your bag or your draw in your desk which I’ve even given my mum one to put in her bag as I just think they are so handy and useful. I mean let’s be honest of course I will pick up more and when it gets to Halloween or Christmas I will buy some of the new scents but for right now I definitely have enough to last me years and that’s me being serious – I’ve always said I have an addiction.

  So I feel as though I’ve rambled enough about hand sanitizers so I will leave this post here but if you haven’t tried the Bath & Body Works ones yet I would definitely say pick one up and give them a try and you’ll honestly not be disappointed. This may sound a little horrible but I never actually used hand sanitizer before the Bath & Body Works ones as I didn’t like the chemical smell which it left on your hands whereas the Bath & Body Works ones are a lot more appealing to me but also the packaging is so lovely in my opinion so it’s an all-rounder for me, I feel as though when I buy more I will definitely do hauls on my YouTube Channel or here on my blog to show you which scents I keep picking up so definitely keep your eyes peeled if you do like the hand sanitizers.
Do you own any of the Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizers?

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