Monday, 31 July 2017

A New Style!

Hello Everyone!
It’s Monday evening and of course I’m here for my little weekly chat so let’s get into it.
So I’m feeling a little lost recently when it comes to my style etc, I’m just feeling a little unsure on where I need to go or want to go in terms of personal style. I have a few people who I follow on Instagram etc whose style is amazing and I would love to dress like that but if it would suit me I’m not sure. My hair is another thing I feel as though I’m not happy with it which last week I got a full fringe put in and layers but I honestly don’t think I want long hair anymore – Oops! I’ve been looking on Depop for a few bits and bobs to slowly change my style and see how I feel about it. I’m so used to leggings and a blouse I can’t seem to feel comfortable in anything else but I just find my style so boring!! As for another thing I feel as though I shy away from certain clothing or styles because of how small I am like I adore backpacks but I feel as though I look like a school child when I’m wearing a backpack. Another thing is I’m in desperate need of a new leather jacket as mine is a little old now and I’ve seen an All Saints cropped one on Depop which the girl is wanting £250 for it which is a little out of my budget right now but it’s one of those jackets where I’ve fallen in love with it so we’ll see how far I can stretch my budget out. I feel as though I’ve done so many kinds of these posts on my blog but I’ve honestly not found my personal style yet and I’m desperate to find it! I have decided to cave and buy the Cath Kidston tote with the Dalmatian on the front as I just love the bag so much.

I am starting my Christmas shopping this month also so it’s an exciting month but will my money stretch as far as I need it to we will see! I’m trying to think what else I’m wanting to change but I think that’s about it – My hair and my fashion that’s all! I’m still loving my Blog and YouTube and feel that’s where I need to keep putting my time into as I just love them both so much and how creative I am when it comes to them both – I know I need to be a bit more creative with them both but for now I’m happy with how they both are. I feel as though I need to have a re-branding on my blog as I’ve had this blog for a few years now and never updated it so that may be my next mission. So this post was mainly a ramble about being fed up of my long hair (I’ve been growing it 2 years!!) and fed up of how I dress – As I said I’m going to make small changes and see how it turns out.
I hope you all have a lovely week!

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