Monday, 17 July 2017

A Realisation!

Hello Everyone!
It’s Monday evening and of course I’m here for my weekly chat, this is by far one of my favourite posts to type up every week as I feel as though I’m having a chat with a friend.
This week’s little chat may go a little deep so I apologise but I’ve just had some realisations recently and wanted to share them with you, first off I just want to say thank you to anyone who reads my blog may that be just one post or every post honestly thank you. So in the recent months I’ve kind of come to a realisation that I need to stop stressing as I honestly stress about everything. I’ve kind of always done it but I seem to just make myself anxious because of how much I stress so I need to calm it a little, as I said I stress about everything… The drive home, conversations which may never happen and stupid things like a blog post which needs to be written in two weeks but I’ll stress I can’t get it done it’s so stupid but I’ve always been the same. I kind of came to the realisation last week I need to slow down and calm myself , I love to be busy but I know deep down everyone needs some ‘Me’ time. I get very stressed with work as I like to make sure I’m on top of everything but again results in my stressing about everything – So stupid! What else do I stress about…? Money is another stupid one I stress about as again I put far too much pressure on myself to save etc. I like to shop and treat myself I think that’s very obvious but I do like to be in control of my money meaning having some spare ect it’s just again how I’ve always been but that adds stress as I’m always watching my money. Last week I kind of made myself enjoy the little things in life too to try and get myself back to enjoying things rather than stressing which Luke was lovely and bought me some flowers, chocolates and some other bits and bobs to cheer me up which was so lovely as I definitely needed it at the time. I take on a lot of stuff like work, my blog and YouTube, personal life etc but I do like to be busy and I enjoy everything I do and wouldn’t want to stop any of it but I know I need to start having breaks to just recuperate myself a little.

I feel proud of how much I’ve achieved with my blog but also how much my confidence has grown recently, I would of never sat in front of a camera and talked about make-up or filmed my day but in the last few months that’s exactly what I’ve done and I’m so proud of it. I’m proud of how I’m driving myself to work and home every day and other places with only a few mistakes after a year of hardly driving as I had no confidence once I had passed my test, again I’m so proud of that. I’m proud of the fact I actually get up to work every day even when I’m not feeling too great. You kind of forget the small little things which you achieve as your looking at the bigger picture or you get lost in keeping on top of things you forget to slow down and actually enjoy everything. This post didn’t turn out how I expected but I guess this is how most of these Monday posts turn out but that’s the reason I enjoy these posts and my blog as I can simply write anything I want to talk about and at least someone will read it – Thank you if you’re actually sat reading this!
How was your week?

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