Monday, 10 July 2017

A Stressful Week!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and here I am to have a little chat with you as always so grab yourself a hot drink and come and join me.
  Last week was crazy… I mean crazy! I started getting up at stupid o’clock as Luke had started a new job and most mornings I couldn’t fall back asleep so I spent the morning watching YouTube or reading my book which don’t get me wrong I actually enjoyed the hour peace as no one was up so it was so quiet in the house – Bliss! I still did my usual routine when I got up by having breakfast or actually getting ready listening to music but it also meant I had time to put all my filming stuff up on a Wednesday morning before work without having to rush around which was nice and it made me less stressed when I got home as everything was done. Work has literally been crazy but let’s not bore you with that kind of chat. I have seen a new bag I’m desperate to buy (Desperate being put very lightly as I know by the time this has gone live I will of either bought it or changed my mind!) Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag will be one of those bags I need to own but right now laying out nearly 900 on a bag isn’t realistic when your trying to save for a house etc so you know priorities first and all that, The bag I have seen is an identical style of the neverfull bag but by a brand Hawes and Curtis which is either an American or Australian brand but the bag is stunning literally! I actually prefer this style as it’s grey and black rather than the Louis Vuitton style and the inside is a lovely pale grey colour but everything else about the bag is identical, If I do buy the bag I will definitely do a video about it on my YouTube Channel so you can kind of see the bag properly but it’s so stunning and I feel this bag will be perfect for work.

  I have decided last week that I needed to start using my A5 planner again as I just struggle throughout the week feeling stressed and all over the place so last week I got myself back into using it and again that bag would fit it in perfectly – Very tempted as you can tell. One day I will have the Louis Vuitton one but for now I feel as though this is a good first step as I can tell if the bag would actually be suitable for me and things like that before I actually pay for the real thing you know? So I think I’ve kind of convinced myself on the bag typing up this post but at the same time I’m debating if I actually need another bag in my collection as it’s growing very fast… I’m still weekly vlogging if you are wanting to check out my YouTube Channel as I really enjoyed it when I started vlogging as it gave me something to occupy my mind as I’m always thinking of what I can film to be more creative which it’s actually quite nice if I’m honest but it’s also nice to have someone or something rather to chat to on days when I feel a little lonely and things like that I’m really enjoying it, I just know my vlogs won’t be as interesting as other YouTubers but I work full time etc so I can only film so much. I feel as though I’ve rambled enough so I will wrap it up now, If I do get the bag of course I will keep my blog and YouTube updated with it all – Let’s just come to the conclusion I have an addiction.
Have a lovely week!

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