Friday, 21 July 2017

Eyelash Haul - Ebay Finds

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post on my blog I’ve decided to start a little series to show what I find and pick up on Ebay as you can definitely find some good bits and bobs on Ebay.
This time round I’m going to be sharing some fake eyelashes I picked up, I saw a YouTuber who I watch reviewing these and she said they were amazing for the price. I picked mine up from China so of course it took a while before they actually arrived. I have to say they look amazing but lasting power I’m not too sure of yet as I haven’t actually tried them yet but I thought I would share my thoughts on them so far, I picked up all 4 different types so I could give my opinion on each of them. I did want to try the eyelashes out before I actually posted about them on my blog but we can class this as more of a first impressions post rather than a review – I will then post about them another time when I’ve used them to say how I found them etc. So let’s start off with the packing it’s just standard plastic with the eyelashes attached to and then plastic covering which if anything for me this kind of packing is perfect for me as I can store them without worrying the eyelashes will get dirty etc so for me I don’t mind the basic packaging and for the price you can’t expect amazing packaging. As you can see each pair of the eyelashes are in different coloured packaging which is another point I like as you can then see which ones you need straight away.

So as I said I picked all 4 sets up to give them a try and I will start with the baby pink coloured packaging first these are very whispy and they do look quite long so I will probably have to cut these down slightly but I could definitely see myself wearing these on a daily basis if I wanted to but also the band is very thin on these which is something I like when it comes to eyelashes and I love how the eyelashes over twine each other which I find quite flattering on my eyes. Next up is the green pair which I would say these are very similar to the pink ones expect these are a bit more night time appropriate for me or at least I would have to be doing more of a glam look to wear these. I feel as though I will need to cut these down but I think I will with all of these eyelashes which isn’t a problem. Onto the more orange/pink packaging which we could say salmon or coral colour but these are again very whispy but I feel these are quite natural too so I could definitely see myself wearing these more often compared to the others. The last pair is the more glamorous pair in my opinion which these have the deep pink packaging but they are just so full and thick which is something I like on false eyelashes but I only wear them if I’m going to a part etc but these will definitely be getting used next time I’m going full glam on my make-up. So overall the eyelashes do look amazing quality for the price but of course ordering from China does take a while. I will definitely be trying these out soon and giving my full thoughts on them but I wanted to share my recent Ebay find.

As I said I’m going to do more “Ebay Finds” on my blog as I pick up some good dupes and amazing products from Ebay but never really speak about them which I feel as though I should so everyone can enjoy them as much as I do so I will definitely be stalking Ebay for some good finds now.
Have you tried these eyelashes?

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