Monday, 3 July 2017

Week Of Challenges!

Hello Everyone!
  So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to have my little chat and this one is very exciting!
  Last week was a very strange week for me I just felt very deflated and unorganised but the middle of the week I just felt so happy! I decided that last week I wanted to start weekly vlogging on my YouTube channel as I just love watching them on YouTube so I thought I would start my own which I mean my vlogs won’t be too interesting as I obviously work Monday to Friday but I just thought I would upload them and see how much I enjoy them to which I will carry them on if I do or I’ll stop doing them if I don’t. By Wednesday I was getting so into YouTube so I was looking forward to filming etc which I’m not normally like that as when I’ve been at work all day I don’t really want to sit and film but I was looking forward to it so much!

  I was spending my money quite wisely last week which is always good. I had made a limit I could spend each week until I get paid again to make sure I still have enough in the bank for emergencies but also pay my bills, Add into savings but also buy things which are needed which is always a nice feeling when you still have money to be able to buy essentials but also treat myself. I treated myself to a River Island bag which was lovely and a purse from New Look both from Depop. I picked up a few little bits to help my weekly vlogging etc but I haven’t picked up everything I see which definitely isn’t like me – So kind of feeling quite proud of myself! I spent most of my night’s last week vlogging, editing YouTube videos or just pottering around but I enjoyed it so so much.

  I felt so much better last week as the week before I had a water infection which is never nice but last week I was finally feeling back to my normal self which was such a nice feeling as I felt more determined and organised as I was getting back on track with everything. I have stopped using my planner which is a big mistake so I need to get back into using my planner which hopefully I can get back into it soon enough as now I’m doing my blog, YouTube and other bits and bobs I need to work my time wisely to make sure I get everything done without panicking or getting stressed.

  So this was just a little chat to explain I’m now weeking vlogging and actually talk about my YouTube channel as I haven’t really spoke too much about it on my blog as I didn’t want to kind of take the light from my blog I don’t really know how to word it but I have worked hard on my blog and I’m so happy with the progress I have made but I really enjoy doing YouTube too so I kind of want to carry on with both but if you would like to check out my YouTube channel and my weekly vlogs please find my channel HERE, I hope you enjoy my videos and please subscribe.
I Hope you have a lovely week!

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