Wednesday, 16 August 2017

10 Small Things I Love

Hello Everyone!
So today I thought I would share 10 small things in life I love as I was a little stuck for blog posts this week and I have’t had chance to get some blog pictures taken so I thought this would be a good post for Wednesday Evening (I apologise if the picture doesn’t fit perfectly with the post!).
10 Small Things I Love:

The morning cup of tea – This is literally one of my favourite parts of the day as the first cup of tea of the day is always the nicest and a cup of tea just makes everything better.
Songs which put a smile on my face – Music has always been something I love but I just love songs which put me in an instant good mood and can sing along.
Settling down with a good book – I love reading and always have but I just love the feeling of settling down with a book after a busy day – its bliss.
A Smile From A Stranger - A Smile From A Stranger – There’s something about getting a smile or some kind of acknowledgement from a stranger.
An Empty to-do list – The feeling of an empty to- do list is just one of the best feelings ever especially when it’s been a crazy few days but your finally back up to date.
Cat Snuggles – I just love the feeling of getting attention from my cat when I get home from work I agree when people say pet cuddles cure everything.
The Weekend Feeling – I love the feeling on a Friday evening when you get snuggled into bed and no there’s no work for a few days and you can please yourself.
The Silence When Getting Ready – I get up at 6-6:30 on a morning and just love the silence when everyone else is still sleeping but I’m getting ready it starts the morning off right.
Laughing – The last few months my happiness has increased massively meaning I’m laughing a lot more as I don’t take everything too serious now and I’ve never felt better.
The Feeling Of Knowing Your Job – I started my new job about a year ago and I finally feel as though I know the job properly now and don’t question myself too much, I love my job and the people I work with but knowing my job properly just makes everything more easier.
What Small Things Do You Love?

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