Monday, 21 August 2017

A Strange Old Week!

Hello Everyone!
So it’s Monday evening and I’m here to do my normal little ramble/chat kind of thing, I honestly don’t know what these really are put it’s just a post I always look forward to doing.
Last week was a very strange week for me but I have to say it was a lovely week, I wasn’t driving to work because of my car and the fact they were having road works going on which would be diverting me which my Mum knows most routes so she said she would take me for the week. I was just feeling very strange last week and didn’t have much of an appetite until it came to tea time or supper and then I was starving but at work I just wasn’t hungry and didn’t really eat my lunches. I wasn’t too busy at work last week which is always nice but my boss is going on holiday for 2 weeks so I wanted to make sure I had everything done which was needed before he went away. My blog creativity was a it’s highest this week as I’m wanting to get more into photography and my blog props etc and actually so was my YouTube apart from the fact still transferring files from my camera to my phone was still proving to be a struggle so I had to film 2 videos last week to get back on top as the one I had filmed the week before just wouldn’t go onto my phone – So annoying! I came to the realisation that my Chromebook needs to be used more as I didn’t know you can have games and apps etc on it (As you can tell I only used my Chromebook for standard things!) So I know I will definitely start using my Chromebook more I think I need to sit down and have a play around with it. I ordered myself a few bits and bobs last week from Ebay (I’m needing payday but after a week of feeling ill I wanted to treat myself) but I treated myself to some new earrings, a bag and I also won a bag in a bid on Ebay, A ring for myself and one for my Mum which will be a Christmas present and a few make-up bits I’m running low on. I desperately need to buy my Estee Lauder double wear foundation but I’m trying to make it last until I get paid. My weekly vlogs seemed to be getting more and more boring every week but I’m still going to keep doing them as I do enjoy them but I just don’t do too much exciting things to film but oh well I guess that’s just me, I think that’s everything I can ramble about this week so far but onto another week! 
I hope you have a lovely week!

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