Wednesday, 2 August 2017

August Goals

Hello Everyone!
It’s that time of the month where I reflect to see how my goals went in July but also the goals I have planned for the month of August.
So I will start my post off as I always do by saying how well I did with last month’s goals in July and I have to say I feel as though I stuck to them so well in July so I’m definitely proud of myself. You can see my July goals HERE – So my first goal in the month of July was to stick to a weekly amount which I was spending far too much a month on stuff I didn’t really need so I decided to create a weekly amount and only spend that which I found helped me question if I needed the certain thing I wanted to buy or not. My next goal was to stick to weekly vlogging which was a new thing for me in July but you know what I really enjoyed it even if the vlogs are just me rambling. I’m up to my fifth vlog so I feel as though I’m doing well. The third goal was the get back up to date with my Blog/YouTube which I mean recently I’ve been back and motivated with them both but at the beginning of the year I fell out of love with them both so kind of fell off track with scheduling posts and videos but I’m slowly getting back up to date. My next goal was to drink more water as I saw amazing benefits from drinking water in June so I wanted to stick to it in July and I feel amazing with it, I try to drink 2Ltrs a day. My last goal was to get back into scheduling/Organising which again that was something I fell out of love with but I want to get organised again so I know what’s going on in my week.
Here’s to my August Goals;
Start Christmas Shopping – So around this time last year I started my Christmas shopping and I was done and wrapped everything by the end of November and honestly it was the best thing ever so I’m definitely getting in front again so in August I want to start buying some presents.
Spend Only If Necessary – This kind of fits with last months but I only want to spend if necessary (I’m already failing at this as I’m thinking if to buy an All Saints leather jacket or not) but I want to start my Christmas shopping and I don’t want to be spending money on other things.
Spend More Time on Skincare/Pamper – So I need to spend more time on my skin as I’m breaking out so bad at the moment and I’m not sure what is causing it so this month I just want to spend a bit more time on myself and have a nice pamper now and again.
HeadSpace App – I found this app a while back and never looked into it but it’s basically a meditation app which you just pop your earphones in and listen to this guy’s calming voice which is supposed to make you meditate and I’ve honestly loved every minute of it and feel so calm afterwards.
Get More Exercise – I haven’t exercised in so long and honestly I hate it but I need to get fitter I really do so this month I want to do exercise even if it’s only 5 minutes a night it’s still better than what I’m doing at the moment – Nothing!

What’s your goals for August?

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