Friday, 4 August 2017

July Favourites

’s the end of the month which means one thing – Favourites time which I love doing these posts on my blog and definitely will keep doing them every month!
So let’s start with how July was as a month, I was stressed and fed up most of the month with work as its year-end but I also felt lost in myself – It happens sometimes. It was Mine and Luke’s 3 year anniversary and honestly I was shattered most of the month I won’t lie but let’s get into the products and bits and bobs I loved in the month of July.
Let’s get into my July Favourites;
Make-up Revolution Palette – I picked this palette up from Ebay it was around 6 pound for Make-up Geek shadows which I’ve still not bought any but I saw these 5 pan eyeshadow sets which were £5 each and the quality seemed amazing plus I love Make-up Revolution eyeshadow so I knew I’d love these. I bought all of the sets and added them into this palette and I’ve used it every day since I just find the eyeshadows to have amazing quality and for the price you can’t go wrong.
Make-up Revolution Lip Ultra Nude 2017 – I bought these as they were on sale when I picked the eyeshadows up and thought I would give them a go which these are amazing! The colours were right up my street but they just make my lips look amazing. Of course they don’t last all day but I don’t mind reapplying mid-afternoon but honestly the pigment is amazing and they look amazing.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation I’ve spoken about this plenty of times on my bog but I just love this foundation and I stopped using it after a while as I needed to repurchase but didn’t have the money to do so which when payday came round I picked it up and fell back in love.
MAC Archie's Girls Veronica's Blush - So I've had this blusher for quite a while but picked it back up this month and honestly I use it for more of a highlight and I definitely prefer it that way.

Rudimental Ft James Arthur – Sun Comes Up : This song literally was on repeat all month! You all should know by now I love James Arthur and this song is just so amazing.
Forgive Forget – Samantha Harvey : I’ve watched Samantha’s covers on YouTube for quite a long time now and when I heard she was bringing a song out I knew I would enjoy it but I honestly love this song and it just a song I can relate to in my own interpretation and I love it.
The 1975 Albums: This is more of a selection of songs really but The 1975 is a band I will always cherish for many reasons but I listened to their albums this month on repeat and remembered exactly why I love their songs.
HeadSpace: This app has been a saviour this month as I’ve been so stressed recently I needed an app which would help me calm down slightly and this did the job perfectly, The sessions are 3 minutes long which is perfect if your busy like me and his voice is so soothing.
Pandora Bracelets : So I got these for my Birthday from Luke and I honestly adore them and always feel lost if I actually don't put them on in the morning before work - I love them.

I am doing a YouTube video on my favourites where I will add in more fashion favourites and other lifestyle bits and bobs so please check out my video HERE.
What’s your July Favourites?


  1. Great post! I love reading monthly favourites, always gives me ideas for what I definitely need to try.
    Katie x

    1. I'm exactly the same but I always love getting all my favourite products together to show what I've loved through the month!
      Meg xo