Monday, 7 August 2017


Hello Everyone!
So it’s Monday evening and I decided to sit down and take time to reflect on this year so far.
I feel as though I’m one of those people who doesn’t see the smaller things in life meaning I look at the big picture without seeing the smaller things first, I feel as though I’ve achieved a lot so far this year which may only be small things but I decided to sit and reflect on what I’ve achieved so far. This may be a long ramble of a post but I hope you enjoy either way! So this year so far has been quite a whirlwind for me in terms of myself but the small things I achieve everyday are getting up for work even on the days when I could happily lay in bed for hours on end. Paying my bills without any questions as I’m slowly becoming an adult – I turned 21 this year also yet I still feel 15 when I sit and think about it but for 21 I feel as though I’ve got a lot of stuff sorted for myself so far. I drive to work every day now which is a big achievement for me as I literally had no confidence driving in my own car when I passed my test, I got the MOT done on my car without any panicking or stress although I was £110 down afterwards. I’ve spent most of this year so far saying I want to save for a house deposit yet other things get in the way but hey that’s life although last month I did put away exactly what I intended to put away which is always a nice feeling. I started my YouTube channel this year which I honestly never thought I would get the confidence to do this so I was so happy and feel so motivated that I film weekly now but also film weekly vlogs – Such a big achievement for me. My blog is still going strong which I made a few changes to it recently too but it’s such a big achievement that I’ve kept my blog going for however many years (I’ve lost count!) but also how much of an improvement I’ve made with my photography and my writing etc. I’ve also already started my Christmas shopping and I mean that’s an achievement in itself but I just feel very organised so far this year and me and My Mum are on a mission to make this Christmas really good. I’ve found comfort this year in shopping (As Always!) but this year I feel as though I’ve found what I actually want to spend my money on but also I feel as though I question what I’m buying now which saves money in the long run. I feel I have rambled enough but by looking back at this I’ve achieved quite a lot this year so far – I’ve been quite hard on myself when it comes to saving and things like that but now I’ve sat and actually thought of what I’ve achieved I’m quite happy with myself.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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