Sunday, 6 August 2017

Weekly Summary #108

(Weekly Summary 31/07-06/08)
Monday – I woke up at half six as Luke was back in the factory this week so we didn’t need the early wakeup call which was lovely. I got up and made sure Luke had everything before I got myself comfortable and started getting ready which my make-up wouldn’t go right and neither would my hair. Luke headed to work before I finished getting ready and headed down. No one was awake so I just sat thinking about Christmas presents before I got into my car. I couldn’t find my fob to get into the office so I had to go searching for that before I headed to work. Work wasn’t too bad today I got most of my stuff done and covered reception before it was home time. I had my tea and cleansed my face before Luke got home and we headed for petrol but my car wouldn’t start… Great! We finally got it started so I headed to Tesco with my Mum which after I had filled my car up it wouldn’t start again but two boys around my age came over to help which we ended up having to jump start the car which got me to Tesco to get a few bits and home. Once I was back me and Luke got into bed to relax.

Tuesday – I woke up at half six and I didn’t have the best sleep so I felt shattered but I think I was awake most of the night as I was panicking about my car. I got up and got ready but I kind of just rushed my make-up and hair today just in case I couldn’t get my car to start. The car worked fine though so I headed to work and today it was a little more busy as everyone was in so I had quite a bit of stuff to get done but it passed the day on. I drove home and opened my parcels before I went out with my Uncle to try see what was wrong with my car – I think we’ve fixed it!! I headed back in and had tea before I had a shower and changed my bag. I caught up on some YouTube videos before Luke got home which he had a shower before his tea and we got into bed as we were both shattered.

Wednesday – I woke up at six and decided to get up and start getting ready as I needed to put my filming lights up before I headed to work. I got up and started getting ready until Luke got up at half six and he also started getting ready. I was in such a good mood today for some reason so I felt ready for today. Once Luke had headed to work I put my filming lights up before I finished getting ready. I headed to work which again my car started this morning woo! Work wasn’t too bad today I caught up on my blog stuff and got all my work back up to date. Once I got home I filmed a what’s in my bag video before I put everything away and had my tea. I got into some comfy clothes and cleansed my face before Luke was home which we spent the night just chatting which was so lovely.

Thursday - I woke up at half six and felt shattered but I got up and started getting ready before Luke got up and started getting ready for work. Once Luke headed to work I finished getting ready before I sat downstairs and then headed to work. Work wasn't too bad today I got everything sorted which again is such a nice feeling to be back in front kind of but in the afternoon I got my stationery order and started a job which needed doing which lasted me most of the afternoon then it was home time. Once I was home I opened all my parcels and put some Christmas presents away before I fed Rocky and had a shower. I had my tea before I changed my bag and then caught up on YouTube videos before Luke was home then we just watched TV until we both fell asleep.

Friday - I woke up at half six again and started getting ready before Luke got up and he also started getting ready. I loved how my make-up and hair turned out today and I loved my outfit so today was a pretty good start if I'm honest and I was in a good mood so everything was going my way. The drive to work was lovely today too which always puts me in a good mood. Work wasn't too hectic today as I didn't have too much work on but I was doing drinks for the board meeting and the buffet so my day was filled up from that really. Once it was home time I drove home before we went to Iceland as we didn't know what we fancied for tea and then we headed home which I decided to spend the evening just watching YouTube videos which was such a lovely night. Once Luke was home we spent the rest of the night watching TV.

Saturday- I woke up at seven as Luke was heading into town early as he needed to pick up some bits for his family party tonight. We spent the morning just laid in bed once Luke was ready and watched some YouTube videos before he headed into town. I spent the morning chatting with my Nan and having breakfast before I washed my hair and got ready. We headed to Home Bargains which I picked up a few more Christmas presents before we headed to a few charity shops and a local shopping centre as I needed a few bits from there but also treated myself. Once we got back Luke got ready for his party and I got ready before Luke headed out and me, My Mum, Nan and my little brother headed for a meal which was lovely. Once we were back I caught up on blog stuff and some YouTube videos before I got into bed and got cosy for the night to read until I fell asleep.

Sunday- I woke up at half nine and just laid in bed with Luke before I got up and had breakfast. I cleaned the bedroom before doing the packing and ironing for work. I then decided to get a quick shower and get ready as we were going to the cinema to see Dunkirk. We got there and they had got the times wrong so we had to kill two hours before we went back and watched it and I literally loved it! We got back and I got into my pj's before I caught up on blog stuff and changed my bag for work. I uploaded the vlog whilst I had a cup of tea and read for a little while. Once Luke was home we just spent the rest of the evening watching TV - Such a lovely weekend!
How was your week?

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