Sunday, 13 August 2017

Weekly Summary #109

(Weekly Summary 07/07-13/07)
Monday – I woke up at half six and was so annoyed it was actually Monday but I dragged myself up out of bed and started to get ready. I had finished my hair and make-up before Luke went to work. The drive to work was actually quite enjoyable this morning as I was just listening to music and singing along. Work wasn’t too busy today but I just caught up on bits and bobs and covered reception before it was home time. Once I was home me and Luke decided not to go to Tesco so I just got changed into my Pj’s and cleansed my face before I spent the rest of the evening catching up on YouTube videos. Once Luke was home we just got into bed and watched TV.

Tuesday – I woke up at half six to realised my phone hadn’t charged at all which made me annoyed but I got up and started getting ready before I did my hair but I was actually so happy with how my hair and make-up had turned out. The drive to work again was a nice drive just singing along to the music which is one of my favourite parts of the day if I’m honest. Work was so busy today and I didn’t see the day pass by at all but I got a lot of work done before it was home time. Once I was home I had tea before me and My Mum went to Tesco which I picked up a new bag, top and some new shoes which was a lovely little treat to myself. Once I got back I had a shower before getting into my Pj’s and changing my bag before Luke was home. We spent the night just watching TV.

Wednesday- I woke up at six but literally could of stayed in bed, I got up and did my make-up before I did my hair which wouldn’t go right. I put my filming lights up which I don’t have a clue what I want to film tonight but I put everything up and headed to work. The drive again was a lovely drive and I just sat in the car park for a while before I headed into work. Work wasn’t too bad today but I was getting all my to-do list done which was a good feeling but I definitely felt drained and was ready for home. Once I was home I filmed before I put everything away and got into some comfy clothes and took my make-up off. I made myself a cup of tea before listening to music until Luke got home. We spent the rest of the evening just catching up once Luke was home.

Thursday- I woke up a bit later than usual this morning so I jumped out of bed and started getting ready and I just felt like the whole morning I was rushing around - I hate rushing. I headed to work and got there a little earlier than normal so I just sat in the car for 10 minutes and actually have a relax. Work wasn't too bad today I was a little busy but it kept the day going so it didn't drag. I drove home and some idiots on one of the streets I go down just wouldn't move his car which was annoying but I finally got home a little later than usual and headed inside. My mum said we were off for a meal so I quickly did what I needed to and set my video to upload and we headed out. I decided on pizza which was lovely and we headed back. I got a quick shower before drying and straightening my hair and Luke was home.

Friday - I woke up at half six and started getting ready I was in such a good mood today knowing it was Friday so I got ready and did my hair before I got dressed and made the bed. I headed to work which traffic wasn't too bad again and I got to work quite early which is always nice. Work was so busy today I thought I was in front and then a few things came up which made me a bit stressed but I got everything done. Once it was home time I drove home and opened my parcels before I got changed and took my make-up off. I cleaned the bedroom a little bit before I had my tea. I caught up with blog stuff for most of the evening whilst Luke was doing some bits and bobs. We got into bed and watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Saturday- I woke up at half ten with heartburn so I got up and took some tablets before I got up and Luke got a shower before getting ready so I just spent the morning catching up on social media. Once Luke had gone I started to get ready before I walked to Aldi with my Mum which I picked up some pineapple slices and a pizza to try before we had a walk round the charity shop and Farmfoods before heading home which I finally had something to eat before we went to Tesco which I picked up a few tops which were on sale and a new pair of Pj's before we headed home which I then walked back up to Tesco with Luke as he wanted a few bits and on the way back we got a subway which I decided on a hot chocolate and some nacho's. Luke headed to his mums and I changed my bag and got my pj's on which once he was back we just spent the evening watching TV.

Sunday - I woke up at half seven which me and Luke just laid there for a while before I got up and made myself some breakfast before I decided to start my to-do list so I started by cleaning Rocky and feeding him which I then did my packing for work and ironed my clothes before I washed my make-up brushes and cleaned the bedroom. I then moved onto some blog pictures before I caught up on some blog stuff and sorted my YouTube video for next week - Testing my patience! I then decided to get changed and clean my car as it was in desperate need of a clean. I then came back in and had dinner before I had a lovely bath. I sorted the weekly vlog and uploaded that so I was in front. I then spent the rest of the afternoon just watching some YouTube videos as I have quite a few to catch up on. Once Luke was home we just spent the evening catching up.
How was your week?

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