Monday, 4 September 2017

A Break Was Needed!

Hello Everyone!
So it’s Monday evening and I’m back this evening with a little chat about last week and where I was, I decided I needed a break from everything social media, blog and YouTube.
My god do I feel better… yes?! I mean of course I missed blogging and YouTube but if anything I definitely needed a break and I mean a week isn’t much time at all but it was for the right reasons and next time I need a break I won’t feel so hard on myself but I just needed some time to myself. I’ve felt strange recently over a lot of things mainly because work has been so hectic recently I haven’t had time to sit and think never mind actually getting other bits done. I now do aqua aerobics with my Mum on a Wednesday evening now which of course taking my filming night away from me. I mean I’m really enjoying the class so of course I’m not going to stop as it’s the only bit of exercise I do right now (I want to start doing more though!) and I do enjoy having some nights to myself just to relax after a busy day but after the break I realised how much I do enjoy doing my blog and taking the pictures for the posts etc and how much I actually enjoy vlogging or sitting down to make a YouTube videos I feel as though I just need to plan my weeks a lot better and everything will fall into place. My YouTube channel is very small but I’m so proud of the fact I actually started a channel when I’ve wanted to for so many years but always put it off and as for my blog I will always be proud of how I made my own little space on the internet where I can literally chat about anything and someone will always enjoy what I’ve posted – I just find it strange how I’m such a confident person now when it comes to my blog and I’m hoping that confidence will go onto my YouTube channel too. The only downside to my YouTube channel is of course I work full time so filming is always an issue to me as I can only film on evenings as I’m normally busy on the weekend and obviously I’m working through the day but as I said once I start planning my weeks out properly again I will know where my time is going etc – I also bought a new diary which I showed in my recent vlog but it’s a Kate Spade diary which I had one of these last year and loved it so decided to pick another one up and I’m hoping it keeps me motivated to actually get my life planned and scheduled as it definitely makes a difference but less of the ramble now and I will let you all get back to whatever you need to be doing! As I said a week’s break was definitely needed but I’m back now for a little while…
I hope you have a lovely week!


  1. Hi Megan,
    truly admire you for your Youtube channel. For some reason I never felt confident enough to do it, so you have my dearest respect! Hope you enjoy the journey and had a good start into the week. :)
    x finja ~

    1. I've had a tough few months and seeing this has cheered me up so much thankyou! I am hoping to get back into the swing of things in the new few weeks! Meg xo