Friday, 8 September 2017

August Favourites

Hello Everyone!
So I’m here today to show you what I’ve been loving in the month of August and I have to admit I was using a lot of the same products from July but I switched up a few little things and these came into my favourites this month so let’s get into them.
If you would like to see what I loved in the month of July that post is HERE but let’s get back to the current month and as always I will do a small little wrap up of the month overall I mean August was a great month for me as I did a lot more Christmas shopping (Slowly coming to the end now woo!) but I did have a few bad times as I was quite anxious this month so I did feel a little down in the month resulting in me having a small break from everything to try get myself back to normal and so far it’s worked and I feel a lot better but of course I have my down days, I started aqua aerobics in August which I’m loving as it’s such a good workout which I think this has also helped my anxiety as I pushed myself to actually go to the class with my Mum and loved it. Other than that I think August was quite a quiet one which you always need one of those right?! Now into my favourites…


The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter – Of course this is everyone’s favourite highlighter and from time to time I do enjoy using it and this month I have loved using highlighter as part of my daily routine and I’ve honestly loved this highlighter and will definitely repurchase it when I need to.
Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour – I’ve had this in my collection for so long and from time to time I do re-use it again and release just how much I love this product to contour with and it honestly lasts for ages so you don’t need to repurchase for quite a few months even if you do use it daily so I may need to start adding this back into my daily routine.
Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - I bought this a while back and never really used it but I got it back out as my lips have been quite dry recently but this has helped them drastically and it tastes amazing so I'm going to look into buying some more of these.
Naked Palette - I've had this palette for such a long time and never honestly used it but this month I've loved creating different looks and the shades are definitely right up my street I think I need to buy some more of the Naked palette's.
Nars Blush in Oasis - I've had this blush for such a long time now and every time I re-use it I realise just how much I love this shade on me it's the perfect everyday blush and the packaging is just so sleek and lovely I really love this blush.
Movies -

Dunkirk - I went to watch this film with my Mum, Dad and Aiden and I honestly didn't think I would enjoy this but I honestly loved it and I could definitely re-watch it again if I could.

TV Shows -

13 Reasons Why - I've been watching this for months and I mean I've enjoyed it but it hasn't like kept me hooked if that makes sense but I wanted to finish it and I have one episode left and I now understand why everything was like it was which I have to say my opinion has changed on it now.

Music -
This is Tom Grennan (Playlist) - So August was the first month I had actually heard of Tom Grennan and I honestly love his music and this playlist is literally everything right now.
Questions - Chris Brown - I've always loved Chris Brown but for some reason I just love this song and it puts me in such a good mood.
Friends - Justin Bieber (with BloodPop) - I heard this song and fell straight in love with it and I knew it would become one of my favourites and it's been on repeat most of the month.
What's your August Favourites?

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