Wednesday, 6 September 2017

September Goals

Hello Everyone!
Another month has flown by but I’m here to do my September goals with of course a wrap up of how August panned out for me so let’s get into it.
August was such a good month for me as I feel as though I took time for myself this month and stopped stressing because I wasn’t on top of everything (You know by now I stress a lot) but it just felt like a good month overall and I was so happy by the end of the month so onto the goals I had for August – The first one was to start my Christmas shopping which I got all of it down towards the end of August and I literally have bought so much but I’ve still got quite a bit to buy but I’ve got ages yet so I’m not stressing. The next goal was to only spend if necessary which I failed but in a way I did actually do this one as I mainly spent my money on Christmas presents and treated myself to a few things but I didn’t buy too much so I guess I achieved this. The next three goals I completely failed which was skincare/pamper, Headspace app and get more exercise but as I said it was a great month so overall I’m happy with what I achieved you can see my August goals HERE.

So now onto the goals for September;
Keep up the exercise – So last month towards the end we started aqua aerobics (Me and my Mum) and this month I just want to keep up with that but also do some more exercise throughout the week.
Christmas Shopping – In September I still want to carry on with my Christmas shopping as I know there’s a long time until Christmas but I want to try get as much done before the mad rush starts.
Drink More Water – I did really well at this a few months ago but kind of fell back into bad habits so this month I want to get back into drinking at least 2L a day.
Keep A Balance – So this is a strange one but I want to keep a balance between working and home time this month as of course my new venture will be taking place when I get home from work but I need to kind of make sure I also get some wind down time on a night to relax.
Get Back Into YouTube/ Blog – So this one kind of goes against the last one but I really want to get back into the swing of blogging and YouTube as I have realised when I took a break at how much I actually enjoyed both of these and although I definitely needed a break and I really want to start spending my free time enjoying the things I used to do like reading etc I definitely want to get back into my blog and filming again.
So that’s all my goals for September and I’m definitely looking forward to this month.
What’s your goals for September?

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