Monday, 23 October 2017

Another Week Another Ramble!

Hello Everyone!
So I'm back this week with just another chatty post which these are once of my favourite posts to type up at the moment - So I hope you don't mind these chatty posts.
So last week I had one of those weeks where it wasn't the greatest although certain parts of the week was amazing some days were just horrendous but I had two days off work which was lovely and I decided to treat myself to a new laptop - Naughty I know. I have been dreaming of getting a Macbook for quite a while but my budget still doesn't fit a Macbook in so I decided to get another Chromebook as they are very quick laptops and very thin which this one is so lovely and I only use my laptop mainly for blogging etc and use my bigger laptop for playing Sims (priorities!) so this suits me perfectly and because I'm slowly getting my blog creativity back I feel as though getting a new laptop has definitely got me back into blogging! Last week I filmed a YouTube video so I'm hoping to get my YouTube channel back on track in the next coming weeks too. I'm hoping to also get back into weekly vlogging soon as I honestly miss doing it although my vlogs wasn't too interesting I definitely miss doing them. I feel as though I'm slowly getting back to myself and honestly it's the nicest feeling ever after the last couple of months - I've missed myself! To everyone who has always read my blog posts thankyou so much for actually taking time out of your days just to read my blog posts it definitely means a lot and recently I've felt so happy at the fact I have this little space on the internet which is just mine.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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