Monday, 30 October 2017

Back On The YouTube Wagon!

Hello Everyone!
It's Monday evening and I'm here to chat to you like I do every Monday evening - Grab a cup of tea and some biscuits and let's settle into a little cosy catch up session.
I am finally back to YouTube - Slowly but surely I am back and I'm loving it all over again. I decided a few weeks ago I loved doing YouTube and decided I needed to get back into filming weekly video's and weekly vlogs as I love watching YouTube so why don't I do it myself? I know my weekly vlogs werent too interesting as I don't seem to live an interesting life but I just enjoyed doing weekly vlogs so to me that's all that matters! If you want to check my channel out it's HERE which when this post goes live there should be a main video and a weekly vlog (If everything goes to plan!) I feel as though I'm finally finding my feet again when it comes to my blog/youtube routine which don't get me wrong I'll have weeks where I'm too busy to even sit and write a blog posts or take pictures nevermind sit and film a YouTube video but if anything both those things are right now the only things which are keeping me sane. I love the fact I can get creative on both my blog and my channel and no-one can say anything to me as they are my spaces on the internet and that just makes me happy. I love the whole thing of YouTube and always have so the fact I'm starting my channel again to get it where I want it to be makes me so happy - I'm starting to feel content again. I feel as though next year will be my year I'm not sure why but I just have a good feeling for 2018 which is such a nice feeling too. 
So I will stop rambling but I wanted to do this post to make myself feel like I'm back onto the bandwagon of YouTube but also so you know where to find my channel. (HERE)
I hope you have a lovely week!

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