Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My New Planner

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would kick my blog posts back off with a stationery post as well my love for stationery has always been there but recently anything stationery has been my thing.
  So I knew I needed to buy myself a new diary ready for when 2018 started and I had a Kate Spade one last year and loved it plus it was a good prop for blog photo's (You know - Instagram and all that!) so I decided to have a look on the Kate Spade website again for a new diary and fell in love with this one. I'm more into the bigger diaries as I just feel as though they work better for me when it comes to jotting things down and everything like that. Although I love the personal sized diaries I just don't think they are suitable for me but they would be perfect for travelling to work and stuff so it could fit inside my bag easily but I have picked up a different diary to use on a daily basis whereas this one is more for my weekly plans so I can keep on top of everything blog/YouTube related. I just love how Kate Spade planners are and all the small little details in between all the months and things like that it's just a planner which makes me fall back in love with stationery again. I have recently got back onto the YouTube/Blogging bandwagon again and feeling so inspired but I think this will just keep me on top of everything when it comes to creating a schedule and planning everything - So excited!
Do you own a Kate Spade planner?

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