Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Waxbox - October Edition

Hello Everyone!
So I'm back to show you what I received in the October Wax Box which I recently re-subscribed to.
So I love candles like most girls now a days but I do prefer the wax melts to candles as they are easier to store and I think the scent lasts a lot longer and fills the room with the scent a lot quicker. I found Waxbox quite a while back and subscribed but my wax melt "Stash" got a little crowded so I cancelled my subscription so I could use the melts up and then re-join which is what I did recently and this one was the Halloween box which I love Halloween so I was looking forward to receiving this box and it didn't disappoint at all. I was going to go into dept with all the scents but I decided I would just do a small description about them all. I decided to stick to the standard Wax Box as it comes to around £13.95 a month with postage which I don't think is too bad. I mean for the standard box I think you get quite a lot of products which this time round I got 8 packages which ended up being 10 wax melts overall which I don't think is bad for the money at all - I'm as of yet to burn them and see how the scents are but at the quick test I did when I unboxed this the candle at the top right has to be my perfect scent as it's quite musky and definitely smells like a boy's aftershave which I don't mind my bedroom smelling like that but overall I do prefer more musky scents rather than clean scents. So I am getting these monthly and may do a post every time I receive a box but we will see how my posting schedule goes as I've planned some posts in advance if not I will definitely be showing these in my weekly vlogs too if your interested in a quick peek before I do these blog posts. I'm going to mess around with these posts to see the best way to show you each wax melt etc so next time round I can explain all the scents and what each melt looks like and who actually makes the candles.
Are you subscribed to Waxbox?

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