Monday, 13 November 2017

Blogging Will Always Have My Heart!

Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday and I'm here back to blogging (which I can hopefully stick to) and thought I would kick back off with my love for blogging.
   So I said last time I was back to blogging and would stick to it - In all honesty I've been spending my time working, spending time with my family, shopping and getting into the Christmas spirit (Early I know!) so I haven't fitted my blog into my schedule but I need to get into it cause I honestly adore my blog and it's something I passionate about and will always come back to it. I just need to fit my blog back into my schedule which I will slowly add it back in. As for YouTube I've been filming on a Monday evening but just haven't got round to editing the videos as of yet so haven't uploaded them - Plus side I'm in front with filming which is a nice feeling. I've been taking blog pictures most weekend so again I'm in front with pictures just need to get the posts written. I feel as though I'm a bit lost with the blogging community as I obviously took a break from twitter etc but I also don't have the perfect instagram and stuff like that so I am going to try and get into everything again but I'm not pressuring myself too much as that's when I start to fall out of love with the whole bloggin/youtube stuff.
  I won't say I'll be back to blogging blah blah but I'm hoping to get some posts scheduled so I can get back into the routine of everything and hopefully I can stick to it - Blogging will always have my heart.
I hope you have a lovely week!

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