Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Books I Desperately Want To Read

Hello Everyone!
So I thought I would share the next few books I desperately want to read which I have to say I’m slowly getting back into reading so definitely looking forward to picking these up.
Reading has always been one of my favourite hobbies which I hated it whilst I was in school but once I left I just loved it, Once I started working full time and things like that I kind of left it to one side but I’m finally getting back into it and there’s are hopefully the next few I pick up –

Jacqueline Wilson – Wave Me Goodbye – I picked this one up at Tesco quite a while back simply because I love any story written by Jacqueline Wilson as she reminds me when I was a lot younger and getting into reading so I always pick up her books when a new one comes out. This book is based at the beginning of WW 2 and 10 year old Shirley gets sent away which I’ve always found the WW2 to be interesting and wanted to see how it would have been written for a younger audience and I’m so excited to finally read this.

Holly Bourne – Soulmates – This is again another book I picked it ages ago from WHSmith as I had seen this book around so much and the whole idea of the book just intrigues me. The story follows Poppy and Noah who fall in love but an agency wants to separate them both which they need to choose between the end of the world or life without love and I just cant wait to read this and see what happens.

J.K Rowling – Harry Potter – I’ve never read Harry Potter EVER! Which I’m so disappointed to actually admit that but I’ve honestly never read these and I really need to. Ive picked up all the books in the series to crack on with them and I honestly can’t wait!!
Have you got any books you're desperate to read?

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