Monday, 20 November 2017

Monday's Chat - Christmas Countdown!

Hello Everyone!
So it’s Monday here and I’m back to have another little chat with you which as I’ve always said I enjoy doing these posts as I simply make myself a cup of tea and ramble about anything.
This week I thought I would talk about what’s on my mind right now – Christmas! I have always liked Christmas but as I’ve got older I enjoy it even more now. I do start my Christmas shopping quite early as I seem to start in around July time but that’s simply because I like to get everything bought and wrapped in around November – So far so good. I’ve only a few more bits to buy then I’m completely finished and all my other presents are wrapped so in a way I’ve done well this year. I start in July just so I don’t notice the amount I actually spend as if it’s split up throughout the months you just don’t realise it. I always do the Blogger Secret Santa and as I’m typing this post up I’m awaiting a couple more bits to arrive in the post then that’s that one done too just needs wrapping and sending in the post – Again winning! I just feel a lot calmer when it comes to Christmas knowing everything is done. This year I also want to go to the Christmas market in Leeds as I don’t normally go but I’m starting to collect snow globes (I’ve wanted to for years but never done it!) and I was hoping there may be some unique ones there for me to pick up. I break up for Christmas on the 22nd so I can’t wait to actually get into December and get into the Christmas mood knowing we’re off work for quite a while but let’s be honest I’m already in the Christmas spirit. This year for presents I feel as though I’ve done quite well for everyone and I feel as though I’ve got good presents for everyone. I always get a sentimental gifts for my Mum and Nan which this year I got a handmade candle made for them both which is shaped like a cup of tea and biscuits and thought it was the perfect gift. As for everyone else I feel as though again I’ve got stuff everyone will use or find use out of so I think the months of planning and buying is nearly finished. Next step is the tree at home with decorations but also the tree at work which it was my job this year to buy the tree and decorations and I think I did a pretty good job as we definitely have loads to use but I just love putting Christmas trees and decorations up so you know I can’t wait for the next few weeks. I’m going to leave this post here as I feel as though I’ve rambled enough… Can you tell I’m excited?
Are you counting down until Christmas?

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