Wednesday, 29 November 2017

November Favourites

Hello Everyone!
It’s that time of the month again where I’m come and talk you through my favourites of the current month which I don’t seem to have too much this time round.

November for me was overall a good month, I feel as though I kept on top of my monthly goals and overall just had a good month. I put myself first this month which is very rare for me as I always like to make everyone happy but this month I knew I needed that bit of recuperating, Now let’s get into the bits I enjoyed in the month of November.
Zoeva Rose Gold Palette – I got this maybe two years ago for my birthday and it’s always been one of those palettes I always come back to and fall back in love with it. The packaging I just find so stunning and I love the shades in the palette and I’m so glad I picked this back up this month.
W7 Blush in Cookie Crumble – I found this blusher on Ebay for just under £2 but knew I had to have it simply because of the shade as I’m someone who prefers the brown toned blushes as I feel as though pinks just don’t suit my skin tone but this blush is so pigmented and suits me perfectly.
Lip Liners (Nude Selection) – I got these lip liners also from Ebay which you got 12 lip liners for £2.85 and they are a nude selection, I have to say these are the best lip liners I have used for such a long time. All the shades are definitely wearable for me and they glide on the lips and can easily stay on the lips. I don’t find them drying at all and for the price I will definitely be buying more.
Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn – I picked this book up in Tesco this month simply because of the cover but I wanted an easy read to get me out of my reading slump and this has definitely done it as I have been desperate to finish this book this month which I’m nearly there, I will be doing a review on it once I have finished it.
Silence by MarshmelloI heard this on the radio a while back and just loved it since, I must play this at least once a day as I just love it so much and it puts me in a good mood which is nice.
The Thrill Of It by Sam Smith – I had Sam as one of my music favourites last month but his new album came out in November and I love it, I’ve always loved Sam Smith and his music but there’s just something about this album.
13 Reasons Why – Finally finished this after however many months! I’ve recently got back into watching Netflix more and I decided to finally finish 13 Reasons Why which I didn’t connect much with it until a few episodes before the last one but I just think this series was such a good one as once I had finished the full series I feel as though you start to think about what you say to people and what it can lead to – I just think it was a good series with a good story behind it.

I do just want to say when I do my monthly favourites over on YouTube I always add in some fashion bits and a few more misc items so if you want to see all of my favourites click HERE to go to my YouTube Channel which my favourites video will be uploaded soon.
What was your favourites in November?

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