Wednesday, 1 November 2017

November Goals

Hello Everyone!
So another month has passed and I'm here to share my goals for November so let's get into them.
So I would normally do a wrap up of the previous months goals but of course in October I had a month off from my blog so I didn't do any goals for October but I normally also do a small wrap up of the month so October was a strange one for me, it was my Mum's birthday and I had quite a few days off throughout the month simply because I needed it - I needed the break as I was drained, depressed and anxious which I still have my bad days but as I'm typing this I'm feeling better as every day goes by. So now onto the goals I'm hoping to achieve in November;
Get An Exercise Routine Going - So I'm not very fit when it comes to exercise so this month I just want to ease myself into an exercise routine even if it's just 10 minutes a night to start off with I just want to get back into an exercise routine so I can get my personal fitness up slightly.
Drink More Water - I started the year off drinking so much water but then fell off the bandwagon so I'm hoping to start drinking more water as I always see a difference in my skin and my overall health when I get myself into the right mindset when it comes to drinking water.
Finish Christmas Shopping/Wrapping - So I started my Christmas shopping in July... Yes July so I'm slowly getting there when it comes to finishing my Christmas shopping but the shops are slowly bringing the actual presents out so I just want to make sure there's nothing else I want to pick up but as I'm typing this so far all the presents I've bought since July are now wrapped (Yes fully wrapped!).
Keep On Top Of Routine - So in November I just want to get back into my routine when it comes to YouTube/Blog and keep on top of the routine and not fall off like I did in previous months, I'm hoping to achieve this in November as I'm definitely missing my routine.
Plan Spending Amount/Savings - We are slowly coming to the end of the year so I do want to get my savings plan back into place for next year so I can get back on top of my savings. As for plan spending amount I need to get back on top of spending just a certain amount a week as I seem to be spending my money on stupid things so basically just wasting my money - I need to change my spending pattern.
Do you have any goals for November?

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