Friday, 3 November 2017

October Favourites

Hello Everyone!
So today I'm going to be sharing my favourites from October which I have to say this month I've tried quite a few different products and they became my favourites this month.
So I will start off with beauty products and then move onto more random favourites which I have to say I mainly stick to beauty favourites on my blog but if you want to see all my favourites please check out my YouTube channel  which my October Favourites should be up on my channel if not it will be up soon so please subscribe to keep on top of my YouTube videos. Now onto my favourites;
Essence Lipstick 05 Cool Nude - I've had this lipstick for so long now and the shade is the perfect nude for an everyday shade and it's such a natural shade I love to wear this for work as it's not too in your face which is perfect as if I top it up you can't tell too much.
MaxFactor Lip Cube 05 Brown Nude - I got this from the £1 which was a bargain but this is perfect over the top of the lipstick as it just makes my lips a tad darker which is what I love and the shade of this gloss is so lovely I just adore this.
The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream - I picked this up as everyone was raving about this and I now know why, the scent is so lovely as I'm not normally a fan of Pumpkin scents but I feel the vanilla just makes it that bit sweeter so I like it. I need to use hand cream in the winter as my hands get so dry and this is the perfect size to fit in my bag to use on a daily basis.
Make-Up Gallery Nail Polishes in 36 Pink Diamond (Glitter) and 09 Vintage Pink - I got these in the £1 shop when I got my acrylics on as I prefer to paint them myself and both these compliment each other perfectly and for a £1 each they are a bargain and so far haven't chipped... 3 weeks going strong!
Carmex Lipbalm in Cherry - Carmex is a brand I will always stand by when it comes to lipbalm as it makes my lips so soft and the scent/flavour cherry is my favourite so I love it. (I missed this out of my YouTube video - oops!)
Lottie London Shimmer Squad - I watched so many YouTubers review this palette and I just fell in love with the highlighters and I have used this palette on a daily basis and honestly think the highlighter shades are perfect - Definitely will be using this for a lot longer.
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - I've had this in my collection for so long and I re-found it this month and honestly I remember why I loved it so much, it's the perfect shade to contour and bronze my skin up as I am quite fair but I just love the fact it looks like a chocolate bar.
Ed Sheeran - I listened to his latest album this month (finally!) and I realised how much I loved him as an artist and his songs so I made myself a Spotify playlist of all my favourite songs and it's been on repeat.
Sam Smith - Same as Ed but I heard his latest song and fell in love with it so again I made a Spotify playlist and fell back in love with his songs and love a little sing a long on the way to work.
Tom Grennan - I found Tom back in September I think on Bugzy Malone's new song and fell in love with his voice so I searched on Spotify and found all his songs and had them on repeat - Just waiting his album now!
TV Shows -
Riverdale - I loved Riverdale when I watched the first season on Netflix and must of watched it all in one weekend (Yes I was addicted!) So when it re-started in October I was so happy to be able to get back into the show, characters and setting - Definitely addicted again.
If you want to watch my YouTube video for my October Favourites you can watch it HERE it will hopefully be up on my channel if not it's scheduled to go up.
What's your October Favourites?

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