Friday, 24 November 2017

Small Make-up Revolution Haul

Hello Everyone!
So today I thought I would share a few things I picked up from Make-up Revolution a while ago but I wanted to test the products out before I did this post which I finally got round to doing.
I’m going to be sharing what I picked up from Make-up Revolution which I did pick these up quite a while back now but wanted to test the products before I did this post as I wanted to give my opinion but I will also be doing reviews on each of these palette’s separately so I can do a full review on each of them so let’s get into them. I did pick up three palette’s which are –
Soph X Make-up Revolution Highlighter Palette – So I picked this one up as I love watching Soph’s videos on YouTube as I trust her judgement when it comes to makeup products but she also has fair skin and oily skin meaning if a foundation works for her it will definitely work for me! I saw she was releasing some make-up palettes and knew I needed them. I love this highlighter palette simply because the shade range is incredible and all the shades are so pigmented. The packaging is so stunning and overall I just seem to be reaching for this palette more and more – Review to follow.
Soph X Make-up Revolution Ultra Eyeshadow Palette – Picked this one up simply because to me all the 24 shades were so stunning I knew I would use most of these shades but also it would make me come out of my comfort zone when it comes to eye looks as I wanted to try all the shades in the palette. I will admit I don’t like all the shades as they aren’t all 100% pigmented but overall I would say I have used this palette most days since getting it. Downside of this the packaging has slightly broken on me but doesn’t change the fact I love the palette, Again the packaging is stunning and I’m just so glad I picked this palette up – Review to follow.
I <3 Make-up Chocolate and Peaches Palette – Picked this up on a whim thinking I didn’t have this in my collection… I do so silly mistake ordered it again but I did give it to a good home. I love these palettes and have most of them in my collection as I find all the palettes are so pigmented and I use most shades from each palette. They are so inexpensive and are just so great for the money which is why I always seem to pick these up. I just adore the packaging as it looks like a chocolate bar but each palette has 16 shades which range from matte shades to shimmer ones but I just find myself always going for these and I’m always happy with the looks I create.
I <3 Make-up Golden Bar Palette – I picked this one up as it was new on the website when I was browsing so of course I needed to pick it up. Again the packaging is a chocolate bar with the chocolate looking like gold which I just like the fact each palette has different packaging so I can find them easily in my collection. Again this palette has 16 shades which most of these are shimmer ones so if that’s not your kind of thing stay clear from this palette. I love using shimmer shades so this palette is perfect for me and I love using this one so I’m happy I picked this one up.
Have you bought anything from Make-up Revolution recently?

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