Friday, 17 November 2017

Zoella Range Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would do a small haul of the things I picked up from Zoella's new range which I picked up on last payday so let's get into the bits I got.
  So I didn't want to spend too much money so decided to limit myself to four things from Superdrug website and I feel as though I picked up quite a few good bits from the range so I thought I would share them with you -
Zoella Snowella Merry and Bright Shimmer Bubble Bar - So I wanted a bubble bath ready for when Christmas gets here and I thought this would be perfect plus the packaging is just so lovely. This had been reduced to £8.00 rather than £10.00 which I mean that's quite expensive for a bubble bath but it will last me quite a long time so I'm looking forward to using it. The bubble bath has shimmer in it aswell which I think is perfect for the winter months. I remember reading the scent of this was cranberry and mint which again will be perfect for the winter months.
  Zoella Snowella We're On A Roll Perfume Rollerball Trio Set - So O picked this up as I love the perfume sets from Zoella's ranges and I thought this would be grea for my bag as they are the roller ones and will fit perfectly in any bag I decide to use. These were £8.00 which I thought was quite inexpensive for the fact you get three scents which one was the Snowella one which I was so excited to use and the others were Blissful Mistful which I use this in more of the summer months. You also get the Gelateau scent which again I was so excited to use this and I love them all.
  Zoella Snowella Hand Cream Winter Wonder Hand - I love most hand creams and in all honesty I don't think I need more hand creams but will always pick them up. I love the Snowella scent so I knew I would love this handcream but also the packaging is so lovely too. I have popped this in my bag and I'm loving using this recently - Yes I've started using this already.
  Zoella Snowella All Four You Mini Perfume Gift Set - So as I said I love all the perfumes from Zoe's ranges and knew I wanted to pick this up as I love anything mini and I loved the fact these were the mini versions of the perfumes. You got two of the scents which I already have which were the Blissful Mistful and the Bake My Day! which I do like these scents so I don't mind actually ahving another set of these. You then received the mini versions of the Snow'ella and the Gelateau scents which as I said I wanted to try these for so long and I now have the small bottled perfumes as well as the roll on versions which I'm glad I picked them up.
Have you picked anything up from the Zoella range?

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