Wednesday, 20 December 2017

10 Favourite Things - Christmas

Hello Everyone!
So here’s to another week but here’s to my first Christmas themed post on my blog and I couldn’t be happier.
I thought I would share my top 10 favourite things about Christmas so let’s get into them –

1. Festive Drinks – I love hot drinks all year round but once it’s getting into the colder months and Christmas I just seem to enjoy them even more and a warm drink makes everything better.
2.Buying Presents/Wrapping – I love buying presents for people and I always have so when it comes to Christmas it’s by far my favourite thing ever to buy presents for the people I love and I love wrapping presents and always try to make them look as nice as I can.
3. Christmas Decorations – I love Christmas decorations and although I love fairy lights all year round something makes them more special and my Mum is by far the best person to decorate a tree but I decorated the tree in the office and I feel like I did quite a good job.
4. Christmas Films – I love every Christmas film going but I love to sit and watch them on Christmas Eve but by far my favourite one has to be The Polar Express and I watch it every Christmas Eve.
5. Family Time – Something about Christmas makes family more special and I’m grateful for any time spent with my family over Christmas time.
6. Christmas Adverts – I love seeing the adverts every year for Christmas and always have a favourite one which I have to say my favourite one for this year has to be the M&S advert.
7. Excitement on Christmas Day – I just love the excitement you get on Christmas morning when everyone is opening their presents I just find it very special.
8. Snow – I mean we very rarely get snow at Christmas and I don’t think I’ve ever had a white Christmas but I do love snow and hope it snows this year (Fingers Crossed!)
9. Food/Sweets – I love all the festive food and sweets which you get around Christmas time and will always love getting sweets or chocolate for Christmas.
10. Music – I have to say I do love when Christmas music starts to play on the radio or in shops when your shopping it just always lifts my mood.
What’s your favourite things about Christmas?

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