Friday, 1 December 2017

December Goals

Hello Everyone!
So it’s the end of the month which I can’t believe how fast this month has actually gone but I’m here to do my December goals which first let’s wrap up how November went for me.
November was a strange month for me I got into the Christmas spirit a little early I think but I just loved the idea that Christmas wasn’t far away and I was definitely counting down the weeks. I feel as though the month was amazing for me as I made myself be my first priority which I haven’t done that for such a long time and it felt amazing. I had a few down days possibly week but I just picked myself back up and got back into everything – I’ve realised not to keep myself down for too long. So now onto my November Goals – The first one was to get an exercise routine going I failed this miserably simply because my mind wasn’t on exercise so I didn’t do it – Ooops! Next up was to drink more water which I did really well with this and I’m slowly getting back into drinking more of it and can definitely see the difference. The third goal was to finish my Christmas shopping/wrapping now this one I kind of completed as I’ve wrapped all my presents I just found a few more bits I want to pick up but I did get everything wrapped which was a massive job. My next goal was to keep on top of everything and I honestly feel as though I did achieve this as I keep my routine going and I’m in front with my blog and youtube so overall it was definitely a good month. My last goal for November was plan my money out which I have finally got a plan back in place to sort my spending problems out! If you want to check out my November Goals click HERE Now let’s get into the December Goals;

Last Christmas Bits – We are slowly creeping into December so I want to get all the final bits finished for Christmas. I have a few more presents to buy and get those wrapped. I need to sort the stuff into bags for family and deliver those. I need to get my Christmas cards for all my presents done and sorted and then I need to finish my secret Santa bits done as I have the one at work and the beauty blogger one which I’ve nearly finished both again I just need to wrap and bag up and get the beauty blogger one sent in the post before it’s too late.
Get Back Using 1 Second App – I found this app back in February and you take a 1 second video every day for a year and it gets turned into a video which you can then keep. I just loved the idea of this and love anything sentimental which for a month or two I stopped using it but I want to get back into using it.
Wind Down Ready For Christmas – This one is more of a nice goal but when I break up for Christmas from work I just want to actually enjoy Christmas with my family and everyone so I’m looking forward to it. I have a family party and a work’s Christmas party to attend which this year I’m actually looking forward to both and I just want to enjoy the run up to Christmas.
Get Back Into Using Social Media – When I took my break a few months ago I stopped using social media too and I just feel as though I want to get back into the twitter chats with other bloggers and posting back on Instagram and just getting back into the blogging community.
Plan Next Year – I’m planning in advance here but by the end of December I want to have my plans for next year, I always sit at the end of the year and see how my year has gone and what I want the next year to be like and if anything I’m looking forward to actually planning for 2018.
Do you have any goals for December?

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