Friday, 22 December 2017

Ebay Find - Cheek Parade

Hello Everyone!
So it’s another week so time for another beauty post which I’m back with another Ebay finds post.
I was having a look on Ebay recently for another Ebay Finds post and came across the Cheek Parade by Benefit which I have wanted for so long but can’t justify spending so much on make-up at the moment so I had a search on Ebay and found this which I got this for just under £10 which you can find it HERE but I thought I would give it a go and see how well it worked and I was quite surprised. The palette came and to me looks identical to the original so I was quite happy.
Again the palette looks identical to the original on the inside also which so far I was thinking I’ve done quite well with this palette. So you get 5 shades in this palette which two are the Hoola bronzers but also the Hoola light which I’ve wanted to try for so long and was glad these were in the palette. You then get the California blush, Rockateur blush and the dandelion blush also. You do get a small brush in the palette too like you do in the original so overall this literally looks identical and for under £10 there is nothing wrong with it. The palette also has a mirror which I think is a nice touch and always helps to have a mirror. So now onto the shades and how I’ve found using them which is where I was quite surprised. The two contour shades work amazingly well and I do enjoy using them to contour my face which I do reach for the light shade a lot more as it suits my skin tone a lot better. The California blush is one I’ve always wanted to try from Benefit and I love using this on the days I want a bit of a pop to my cheeks. The next blush Rockateur is another I’ve always wanted to try from Benefit and I really love using this on a daily basis as it gives your cheek a bit of colour with a nice shimmer. The last blush is Dandelion which isn’t my kind of blush as I stay away from pinks but I’m glad this one is in the palette just for those days where I’m feeling different. So overall I’m happy I picked this up as I love using this for contour and blush shades and I feel as though it looks identical and all the shades are pigmented enough so for me this is definitely worth under £10.
Have you tried the Cheek Parade palette?

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