Monday, 18 December 2017

Monday's Post - Christmas Countdown!

Hello Everyone!
It’s Monday evening and I’m here to have my little weekly chat and you knew this one needed to be Christmas related doesn’t it!
As I’m typing this Christmas is a little bit away yes (I’m scheduling posts just so I am in front for when it gets round to Christmas) but as you read this it’s a week away… A WEEK AWAY! I mean I’ve been excited for Christmas since July this year as that’s when I started my Christmas shopping as I wanted to get slightly in front so I wasn’t rushing around last minute to get everyone’s presents – I like to be organised. Knowing it’s a week away though is crazy and I couldn’t be more excited for it, I have a normal routine for Christmas eve which involves a nice hot bath with new pj’s, a hot chocolate and Polar Express film which I’m sure we are finishing ½ day at work on the 22nd so that will be nice too! Christmas day will be slightly different this year as we are having our Christmas dinner out so I’m definitely looking forward to it and can’t wait to have some family time. I’m not too sure what else I have planned for the Christmas period so we will just see where it goes but I’m so excited for it this year – I mean I can’t remember half of the presents I have bought so it’ll be nice to see everyone opening their presents on Christmas day to remember what I bought! On the Christmas break I’m also hoping to catch up on filming some YouTube videos, blog pictures and blog posts just to get myself in front ready for the New Year and start it as I mean to go on – I can’t wait!

I’m going to leave this post here as there’s only so much you can say when it comes to the Christmas Countdown but I hope you’re not stressing at last minute shopping or anything like that but if you are just think Christmas is round the corner and enjoy every minute of it!
Have a lovely week!

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