Monday, 4 December 2017

Monday's Post - Finally Feeling Myself Again!

Hello Everyone!
Monday evening is here and I’m here to do my little weekly chat which I feel as though this one will definitely just be one of those where I ramble for quite a bit so grab a cup of tea.
So this week I thought I would just chat about how I’ve been feeling recently, If you follow my blog you will know I took a break from blogging, YouTube and social media for a few months as in all honesty I kind of needed it as I needed that little bit of a break. I came back to my blog feeling a little worse for wear as I thought the break would help get my creativity back but if anything it made it disappear even more which I was a little disheartened I won’t lie. I tried everything from taking blog pictures to filming YouTube videos and still had no luck until around about 2 weeks ago. I woke up one morning ready to take blog pictures and got posts scheduled for 2 weeks in advance, that week I filmed a YouTube video and now I’m around 4 weeks in advance with videos which just need editing. I’m finally getting that creativity bubble back and I couldn’t be happier. My blog was something I started to give me something to do and now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I took the break as I did honestly need it because I had done my blog for around 2 years without a break and I knew it was time to have one which I did feel guilty not doing posts or pictures but I feel as though I’ve definitely come back with a better headspace about everything. Blogging is tough as it’s an endless hobby as you always seem to be doing something regarding it which working full time it isn’t ideal but at the same time I do love having a blog. I feel as though recently I’ve been back on track with everything but also found a routine which works well for me. I did say I would get back to weekly vlogs but as of yet that hasn’t happened but as I said I’m getting on top of editing to get my weekly videos up so slowly getting there! I am also hoping to get some Christmas themed posts on my blog but will see what I come up with – Let’s hope I can keep on top of everything this time round, I will just say if you’re thinking of taking a break but know you will feel guilty take time out if you need it as you will always feel better after and if anything will come back ready to start again!
Have a lovely week!

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