Friday, 15 December 2017

Soph X Make-up Revolution Highlighter - Review

Hello Everyone!
So it’s time for another review which this time round I’m going to be reviewing the Make-up Revolution highlighter palette collaboration with Soph from Sophdoesnails.
I picked this up when it got released with the eyeshadow palette which I reviewed that on my blog which you can read on my blog to see my thoughts on it. As I picked this up I was slowly getting into highlighters so I thought I would pick the highlighter palette up which to be honest at this moment in time I haven’t used this palette as much as the eyeshadow one but I think that’s simply because I haven’t put this in my everyday make-up bag so I definitely need to pop it in there so I get using it more. It currently retails on Tam Beauty for £8 which you can buy it HERE, I always like to add the links of the websites just so it’s easier for you to find if you are wanting to have a look for it. So we will start with the packaging I just love how this packaging looks and think the rose gold detail is stunning as it was on the eyeshadow palette. The palette has 8 highlight shades which if I’m honest I’ve only used the first 2 on the top line and the first 2 on the bottom row as I think they are best for how fair skinned I am so I haven’t used the other 4 shades apart from taking swatches when I first got the palette. The highlight shades I have used are so pigmented and I was definitely shocked when I first gave them a go as I definitely did not expect for them to be as pigmented as they are. I’m more of a natural highlight if I’m honest as I feel as though I’m still new to highlighters so don’t want to go over the top – I am so glad I picked this palette up though as by far it’s one of the best highlighting palettes in my collection and will definitely be putting it in my everyday make-up bag so I reach for it a bit more often but I’m definitely glad I did pick it up to give it a try.
Do you own highlighting palette?

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