Friday, 5 January 2018

December Favourites

Hello Everyone!
So for today I thought I would share with you what I’ve been enjoying in December, I will be doing a YouTube video on my channel sharing all my favourites from December which you can watch HERE.
Favourite posts for my blog are mainly beauty as I prefer to stick to that on my blog but I do show a bit more when it comes to favourites on my YouTube channel simply because I feel as though they flow better in a video rather than on a blog post but that is of course just my opinion but as for December of course it was such a lovely month as it’s Christmas and overall I was just so happy. I tried out quite a few new products this month simply because I picked up a few bits and bobs this month so let’s get into what I’ve enjoyed in the month of December.

Nyx Glitter In Copper and Glitter Primer – So I had two parties to go to in December and thought I wanted to do something different when it comes to my make-up so I decided to pick up some glitter from Nyx which I ordered this on Ebay and actually got the primer for free which I thought was good but I decided on Copper as I love my have orange or red eye shadow on my eyes and thought this colour glitter would be perfect and I loved wearing it.
The Balm Mary Lou Highlighter – Everyone still adores this highlighter and so do I, I feel as though this is one of those highlighters I will always reach for as it does its job perfectly and I adore it too.
Essence Lipstick in 13 Out Of The Box and Lip Gloss in 06 It's A 10! I picked up this lipstick and lipgloss in Wilkinsons as I wanted some new lip products and I have to say Essence is a brand I reach for when I’m on a budget but as always I’m so pleased with the shade and these lip products.
Nail Polish in 42 Lavender Cream and 37 Purple Glitz I picked both these nail polishes from the pound shop as at one of the parties I knew I wanted to paint my nails which once I saw these two colours I knew these are the ones I wanted as I was trying to make my acrylic nails last until closer to Christmas but the nail polishes are so long lasting and the shades are so stunning not to mention so inexpensive.

Polar Express – I watch this film every Christmas Eve without fail and this was another year I watched it and loved it, every time I watch it I just adore it and it makes me feel so Christmassy so this was definitely a favourite this month.

TV Shows
Suits – I started watching Suits a few years ago and kind of forgot about it, I was looking for a new TV show to watch on Netflix and decided on Suits which I’m so glad I did as I love this show and just find it so good and interesting plus I love all the characters in it and of course Meghan Markle is in the TV show and I honestly think she plays such a good part in it.

James Arthur – Naked – You all know how much I adore James Arthur and this song has been on repeat as I just adore it so much and it’s such a lovely song.
Ed Sheeran – So this is just an overall kind of artist favourite as I’ve been listening to all of Ed Sheeran’s songs kind of on a loop this month as I just have been in the mood for that kind of music.
Uk Christmas No 1’s Playlist – So this was a playlist on Spotify and thought it was such a good playlist as I felt so festive when I was listening to it and of course it’s got such good Christmas songs on it.

Snow Globe - So I started collecting snow globes in December and I picked this one up from the German market and it's honestly one of my favourite ones I own, it's an angel with a flower crown but also the base of the snow globe is white with pink roses and I thought it was so cute - I love it.
What was your favourites in December?

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