Friday, 26 January 2018

Derma V10 Night Cream - Review

Hello Everyone!
So for today’s post I’m going to be doing a review on the current night cream I’m using.
So I actually picked this night cream up from the £1 shop as I had heard such good review so I decided I would give it a go as if I decided I wasn’t keen I wouldn’t be losing out on too much money as £1 is so inexpensive for a cream. So first off we will start with packaging now personally really like how simple the packaging is as I think it’s a lovely little tub and it’s like frosted plastic which I think looks lovely which the blue writing I think it’s such lovely packaging. So onto how the night cream works I apply this on an evening when I do my final bit of skincare before I go to bed and I honestly adore this cream! I just find it such a thick consistency which it’s not too thick I feel as though it’s the right one for my skin to feel as though it’s actually working. I just apply it after my oil and eye cream and just massage into my face and neck. I always feel so refreshed once I’ve applied it and honestly my skin feels so much better for it. They also do one for more mature skin which my Mum has and she also adores hers so overall I just think it’s the perfect face cream. My skin is currently clear as I have been keeping up with my skincare routine but I just feel as though this has worked wonders on my skin through the night as it honestly just feels and looks different. I will definitely be repurchasing it when I run out but you do get 50ml and I’ve been using it daily for a few months now and it hasn’t even left a dint in the cream yet so it definitely lasts a while. I will admit I don’t overdo it with the cream I have now found the right amount for my face and just apply small pea sizes on each cheek, forehead and chin and just massage into my skin and it’s perfect. I would honestly highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new night cream and I will definitely be trying more from this brand in my local £1 shop – This has honestly helped my skin so much recently.

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