Wednesday, 31 January 2018

February Goals

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I’m going to be sharing my February Goals with you.
I’m going to start off by talking through my January Goals and if achieved them or not now I will say January was such a good month for goals as I had the right mind set to get stuff done. So my first goal for January was to start saving again which I achieved this because as soon as I got paid I put money straight into my savings. The next goal was to get more organised which again I achieved this as I set my bullet journal up and overall I just felt happier and less stressed as I had everything planned out. My next goal was to sort my wardrobe and draws out which I achieved this but towards the end of the month I definitely need to re-do this. My last goal was to get 100% back into my YouTube and blog which again I achieved this as I’m still sticking to my filming schedule and I always edit and upload it in time to make sure everything is fine with the video. As for my blog again I’m in front in terms of my scheduled posts and I’m slowly thinking of upgrading my blog layout.

Now onto the goals for February, This month is going to be a month of sticking to everything and making sure I’m putting myself on the right path for this year so now onto my goals;

Stick To Using My Bullet Journal – I set my bullet journal up in January which I really enjoyed it but this month I want to make sure I get into the habit of using it every day without fail.
Read More – I used to adore reading and once I started working full time, having a blog and other hobbies I kind of forgot about it but this month I want to make more time for reading.
Stick To My Skincare Routine – I started my complete skincare routine in January and I definitely saw such an improvement in my skin so this month I want to stick to it so my skin stays clear.
Find Time for “Me” Again – So last year I very rarely put myself first and this year I’m putting myself first a lot more and this month I just want to make time to pamper myself or give time to my hobbies. 
Say “Yes” To More Opportunities – I am very rarely saying yes to opportunities meaning I missed out on a lot of blog events last year and this year/month I’ve decided I need to start saying yes to more so I actually do stuff and make memories this year.

I said that this year would be a year of changes and putting myself first and this month I feel as though I’m starting it exactly how I want it to carry on.

Do you have any goals for February?

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