Wednesday, 3 January 2018

January Goals

Hello Everyone!
I’m back again to do my January goals which it feels so strange to think we are now in 2018 – Scary times but I thought I would share my goals with you, I do just want to say I am going to do a post about what I want to achieve in 2018 but will also be doing my monthly goals too.
So we will start with the December wrap up first which of course I loved December as it was Christmas and I had a bit of time off, I was in a good head space and I got myself back into everything I love – Perfect month and overall it was a great month for goals too. My first goal for December was to finish all the last Christmas bits off which if anything I finished all of my Christmas bits by the beginning of December so I achieved this one quite early. The next goal for December is to get back on the 1 second app which again I achieved this one as I stuck to at least taking a video once a day and I honestly love this app. The next goal was to get back into social media and I can say I finally got back into it and I’ve honestly missed it so much. The next goal for December was to wind down for the Christmas break which again I actually achieved this one as I just took everything in my stride and got everything scheduled so I didn’t have to worry. My final goal for December was to plan next year which again I achieved this one as I planned what I wanted to achieve and set some goals down so I have something to work towards – Perfect month! If you want to read my December goals you can have a look HERE.

So now onto my January Goals;

Start Saving Again – It’s a New Year and I want to get back into saving so this month I want to get started on my saving this month so I kind of want to start the year off how I want it to carry on and saving is a massive goal for me this year.
Get More Organised – As I said about the saving I’m wanting to start the year as I’m wanting to carry on so I want to start the year been organised and keep to it this is of course involving my blog and YouTube but mainly my full time job and things like that I just want to be on top of everything.
Sort Wardrobe/Draws Out – Get rid of clothes or anything I don’t use or need to clear some space as I have far too much in my wardrobes and draws so need to do a good sort through.
Get 100% into My Blog/YouTube – I want to be 100% into my blog and YouTube this year as I really enjoy doing them and want to see how far I can progress in both when I’m putting my all into them.

I’ve decided on only four goals for January as to be honest that’s all I want to achieve in the first month in the year and I feel as though if I achieve all those I would be so happy and content so I didn’t want to overthink the goals for January.
What’s your goals for January?

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