Friday, 19 January 2018

Maggs London Make-up Bag

Hello Everyone!
So I’m back to talk about my new make-up bag I picked up on Black Friday (I’m posting this late I know!) but I still wanted to talk about it.
I love everything from Maggs London as I have followed The Michalaks on Youtube for quite some time now and honestly love watching their vlogs on a Sunday and have always loved Hannah’s blog but I have always been drawn to the Make-up bags from Maggs London which I bought one a while back which I spoke about on my blog HERE and decided on Black Friday I would pick another one up as there was 20% off I think so I knew I had to look on the website and saw this make-up bag. I loved the print as it’s definitely a “Me” kind of print so I was drawn mainly because of that. The make-up bags are just so lovely made and I feel as though they just feel more personal because you know they are handmade – May just be me. I loved the fact the pattern was mainly pinks with a white background as I just think it’s such a pretty make-up bag, I’m more of a girly girl so of course these colours suit me perfectly. I love the rose gold details like the zip and “M” on the front as I think it just compliments the make-up bag. I know the M stands for Maggs London but I like to think it can stand for Megan too which is why I guess I find these make-up bags more personal. I just find these make-up bags can store so much and I love the fact it’s a soft material rather than my Ted Baker one for example which is a harder rubber (I think!) as I just find them a lot harder to use.

Do you own anything from Maggs London if so please let me know as I would love to see what else I can pick up from the website but if you’ve never purchased before the website is HERE.
What do you own from Maggs London?


  1. The Maggs London bags are so pretty! I'd pretend the M is for Megan too haha!

    Megan @ Seek My Scribbles

    1. They are so lovely I’ve now got 2 and I love them! And yes makes it feel more special that way haha!xo